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Few reasons why you might want to update your hiring process

December 11,2015

Hiring new talents for your firm can be a rather tricky task to execute. With the increasing competition in the market, a large number of candidates turn up for interviews in case a company is looking to fill out a position which is vacant. Funneling down the large number of candidates to the best one suited for the available profile can be not only time consuming, but also a gamble. It has often been observed that once the job title is awarded to a particular candidate, it might not be necessary that the individual is the ideal choice for the job. Many times, the selected candidate is unable to cope up with the company’s expectations, either due to lack of experience or the necessary skill and temperament. This is not an uncommon situation and as a result the firm has to go through the entire process all over again.

Such irregularities are common with firms who are not equipped with the tools necessary for a successful hiring process. In these times, where supply of jobs is far less than the demand by the increasing number of hopeful candidates, the necessary prerequisites for the company are the tools and knowledge required for successfully hiring the right one for the job. I am listing down a few issues that are commonly faced while recruiting new staff and some suggestions which might help in successfully tackling with them. They are as follows-

Outdated techniques:

Though highly applicable in the near past, some techniques employed by the Human Resource department have to be updated and modified in order to meet with the current industry requirements. The traditional techniques involve a series of outdated methods like maintaining tonnes of paperwork in form of resumes, mails etc. With increase in the number of applicants, managing such data has become increasingly time and effort consuming. As a direct result, there is minimal engagement with prospective candidates, which might further lead to a loss of a worthy candidate.

Employer Branding:

This is another key area where a lot of companies fail to divert their attention to. Employer Branding is a crucial aspect to consider while hiring new talents for the empty seat. A lot of able and willing candidates never even get to know about the ongoing hiring and fail to appear for the selection process. This results in the employment of less worthy candidates, who could have elsewise been replaced with applicants who have more to offer in terms of services but were never made aware.

Technical Difficulties:

In today’s times, Internet is one of the leading sources of interaction between a company which is hiring and its potential candidates. Many job seekers look for a desired vacancy in companies which are growing exponentially, but fail to connect with them due to certain technical issues. Many times, it has been noticed that a company’s career or ‘Join us’ section of the website is faulty or not very elaborate. Candidates fail to register or simply can’t access this facility and therefore, leads to a loss of potential applicants. In other cases, the URL of the company’s site is not very easy to memorize. Applicants are unable to access the company’s website, and fail to register even if the recruitment section is fully operating.

These are just a few issues that are most commonly found in the majority of firms that are looking for fresh talents to fill in the vacancies. I am listing a few possible solutions which, once implemented, might just help companies to troubleshoot these problems and pave the path for a smooth and efficient hiring process.

1. Employers may make their hiring process much more seamless by employing more modern techniques like automated hiring and RPO. Automated hiring involves a series of techniques like video/telephonic interviews, advanced and accurate screening of potential employees and much more. Employing such techniques helps in narrowing down the mass applicants to the best one suited for the job. Outsourcing your hiring process is another great option for companies who want to pick out the ideal applicant for the vacancy. RPO firms are equipped with the skill and techniques required to deliver the best results.

2. Employer branding can be achieved via highlighting the company’s work culture and employee satisfaction. A sound strategy regarding candidate experience will help take an employer’s brand image to a whole new level. This will further lead to an improved feedback on the candidate’s end, and thereby improve the employer image a lot. Though this might not seem so relevant, how a company treats it’s employees is a big factor that attracts more able candidates who might not be very happy with the work culture of the company they are currently working in.

3. One can handle technical issues very easily if a proper and systematic structure is provided to the technical aspects. The very first thing that a company can do is developing and integrating a sound career page and linking it to the home page. This will help in providing easy access to applicants who may be interested in applying for an opening. Another aspect to be considered is the page ranking of the company’s website. Until and unless a company is prominently visible in the search results, it may never come to the notice of potential candidates. This can be achieved by optimizing the site for search results (or SEO). If one is willing to go a step further, developing a mobile application or associating with an already existing one is a very good idea.

These are only some of the major dynamics of a successful hiring process. These factors are the most common ones which govern the recruitment process of any company, and working on them will help you achieve your goals more easily.