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Find The Connection Between HR And Marketing To Discover Top Talent

May 21,2018

As the markets are expanding, we have an abundance of both the candidates and the opportunities in the market. There are so many opportunities in the market that it has become a challenge to find the best candidate for your company. The hike in opportunities and pay has also given rise to the tendency of switching jobs in a concise period. It decreases the employee retention rate of the company. At the same time, it also costs the company a lot of money in finding another candidate for the same post.

This issue can be resolved if Human Resources joins hands with the marketing department. This collaboration can yield precise execution of operations and higher productivity in your company.

Learn From Each Other

Marketing and Human Resources are very different departments. However, there are many things that these two departments can learn from each other.

Marketing focuses on meeting the expectations of the customers. HR does the same for its employees. HR can learn how to be innovative and bring new ideas to handle employee branding strategy. Marketing includes the use of advanced technology. Similarly, HR should use technology more to recruit new candidates. They can also learn from marketing how to use social media to interact, engage and retain the employees. HR can learn to be diverse with different job roles profiles and approach these with unique styles instead of the same old ‘job-opening’ method.

Human Resources department brings the team together through clear communication. Marketers can learn about the people, their values, beliefs and the challenges which would enable them to understand the subjectivity of their customers. The ideology and values of both the employees and the customers directly affect the business. When the brand has its definite purpose and thinking, it helps in creating a unique identity for itself. It will help in shaping the future of the company.

Work With Each Other

  • Job Posts: While posting the job, the platform, the job profile and the kind of candidate you want to attract become an integral factor. If marketing and HR department work together, each post can be customized to attract the best talent in the field.

  • Create Testimonial: If you want to increase the credibility of your business then get genuine testimonials. While written testimonials are still prevalent, video testimonials look more authentic, and they can be highly interactive. Marketing these videos on your social media will create your brand.

  • Improve Office Culture: You need to create an enjoyable open-minded workplace, which looks after the need of your employees as well as provides impressive products and services. Whenever there is a celebration in the office, make sure that you market it well. This way the collaboration of two teams will bring out the best in your company.

Merging The Teams

It is essential that Marketing department works in sync with the Human Resources. There might be times when the collaboration is difficult because teams have to deal with their respective priorities. If usually, your marketing and HR teams are busy with their separate work then you can also hire a Marketing HR, who can accurately focus on marketing the HR activities.

If you cannot have a Marketing HR internally, then you should go for Recruitment Process Outsourcing You will have to make sure that RPO understands your brand and the business policies very well. Collar Search will take your business forward by keeping you ahead in trends and technology.