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The Five Biggest Challenges of the Recruitment Process

February 10,2015

The recruitment process is a difficult and often time-consuming one. Many companies prefer to outsource the process simple because of how many tasks are required in order to complete the objective of finding a good employee.

For example, it can be difficult to know whether or not a resume is legitimate. Many employees will fake a resume. They also fake referrals or certifications. This presents a clear problem to employers who are trying to find qualified candidates to fill their particular position.

After surveying a number of reputable resources on recruiting, we found some of the biggest challenges for recruiting qualified employees listed below:

Finding a qualified employee in time:

Many companies need an employee right now. They’ve just laid someone off or had to fire someone because of uncontrollable circumstances. They might also had to let a person go because they voluntarily left for a better opportunity.

Either way, this employer likely has an immediate need. With an immediate need, you have to fill that position promptly or also can cost the employer money.

Making sure a resume is legitimate:

As mentioned above, employees will oftentimes fake resumes. There will also fake referrals, certifications, and even education. This is because most employers don’t have time to research a potential employee’s resume.

In order make sure that an employee’s resume is legitimate, a recruiter or recruiting service should look into every qualification that employ claims to have.

Finding a qualified employee:

Assuming the qualifications are accurate, many employees simply don’t have the right qualifications they need in order to get the job. This can sometimes be as simple as looking at the resume. Other times you ask and did a little deeper.

Given the fact that many job postings get hundreds of resumes, it is quite a bit of work to sort through all that in order to find the qualified candidate.

Planning the interview process:

Most jobs of a very detailed interview process. You’ll start with a manager, then maybe move your way up one or two levels higher for follow-up interview.

Someone has to plan the structure of the interview. They also have to be asking the right questions. Having someone present to do an interview and plan out the interview process is a lot of work especially when you have dozens of candidates.

Making the right choice:

At the end of the day, and employer still is a hard choice to make. Who to hire is never easy choice. You can lose a lot of money. With so many different employees and varying qualifications, it’s pretty overwhelming to even consider who you might hire.

A lot of times, it’s better to have someone handle this is situation full-time. If you have someone in your company that meets all the necessary qualifications to recruit, that might be a great choice. Another option would be a staffing company. These are companies that are designed specifically to find you the employees you need. Either one is a great choice depending on your particular situation.