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Focus on your recruitment marketing

October 17,2018

In continuation with the blog where we detailed the pitfall that leads to the ineffectiveness of the recruitment marketing, today we will be discussing the scope, the essential elements and means to develop an effective recruitment marketing strategy.

Let us start from the basics, what defines recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is when an organization strategize and implement those strategies to attract, engage and retain the job seekers to enhance the quality of the applications. Recruitment marketing is a crucial component of overall talent acquisition and is significant in improving the recruitment process. What started as a fad giving the organization’s a competitive edge has now become a necessity to attract top talents in the industry. Almost every industry is investing significantly in their recruiting marketing technology. Recruitment marketing is not just one tactic, but it is an exhaustive combination of content marketing, mobile recruiting, employer marketing, job branding, talent networks, etc.

Why is recruitment marketing a necessity now?

No one denies that the days of job advertising are not over, but job boards are slowly becoming irrelevant with their effectiveness fading out. With recruitment marketing, you can engage candidates for the present as well as a future job opening. A strategic recruitment marketing when personalized adequately will give you an edge in holding the attention of the online candidates. Recruitment marketing tools have resulted in a better return on investment.

How implementing recruitment marketing can benefit the hiring and employee pool?

For the recruitment team, time is of the essence, the lesser the time they will take in hiring a candidate, the better would be their performance. By implementing an effective recruitment marketing strategy, a pipeline of candidates that can be contacted as and when the requirement arises. This will save the otherwise wasted on hunting and starting the whole process from the start.

As mentioned before content marketing is also a component of recruitment marketing, but where does it come into play? When a candidate is considering your company as its prospective employer in the pre-applicant process, the content and communication are responsible for the engagement level of the candidate, from which they decide whether or not should they apply in the particular company.

Recruitment marketing helps in reducing the hiring cost, which is gone into job portals, events, job-oriented programs. Adept recruiting marketing will help you identify the campaigns that are working so that you can invest more in them and improve them for a better outcome.

Recruitment marketing also facilitates an enhanced diversity and quality in the candidates applying for the position.

What are the essentials that comprise an effective recruitment marketing strategy?

As mentioned before, recruitment marketing is a conjoint effort that includes the following essentials components:







As an organization, you have two options; one is to waste your time and resources on building such recruitment marketing strategy that falls flat or outsource recruitment processing so that every penny you spend yields profitable results in the form of talented employees that are devoted towards the goal of the organization.