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Hiring engineers Here’s what you need to look for

October 17,2023

Hiring engineers has always been tricky and hiring quality engineers that would stay with your organization for a longer duration is almost daunting for the engineering recruitment outsourcing service providers. There is an ever increasing demand for engineers in many sectors such as cybersecurity and network maintenance, as much as that we are facing a 67% of the shortage of engineers. So, what are the reasons behind this current scenario, and how you can solve the existing problem? Well as for the reasons behind the current scenario, the shortage is due to the unawareness among the masses about these sectors as most of the engineers go for mainstream fields such as development and testing. There are very few engineers who opt for cybersecurity and networking fields. Also, these fields require critical out of the box thinking and alertness. You can not expect to be slouching during a data disaster. Hence, most engineers like to go for developer positions in organizations. Now how can you look for quality engineers and create a team of the best engineers for your organization?

Here are some of the basic fundamentals of hiring engineers that most engineering outsourcing service providers entail in their recruitment processes:

  • Technical skills

    The technical skills are the foremost grounds of judgment an engineering candidate must be profiled upon. Most engineers have knowledge of different domains and tools. You will have to decide whether their knowledge of such domains are pertinent to the responsibilities they would be undertaking. You will have to gauge them on the basis of their understanding and knowledge of the programming languages as well. Most of the programming languages share an underlying logic but their implementations might be vastly different. So when you are profiling a candidate do not just ask them theoretical questions, instead give them some practical scenario-based questions that involve the use of their particular domain and see how quickly they respond to the problem.

  • Interpersonal skills

    Engineers are adept at problem-solving skills but what most engineers lack are interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills are the skills that are needed on a day-to-day basis to connect with one’s peers. A candidate with good interpersonal skills is a valuable addition to any organization’s workforce. They make the work environment supportive and peaceful. This helps in a better team building and increases the morale of the organization.

  • Communication skills

    Communication skills are also important for any engineering candidate to succeed in their career. They need to maintain a certain level of transparency. Usually, the engineers are managed by the executives who rely heavily on them. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that engineers are the driving cog in the whole organization. But that does not mean that other departments do not contribute anything to the organization. The top tier is usually the client-facing side. They build and maintain healthy relationships with the clients so that projects keep pouring in. The managerial section of an organization deals with all the paperwork and ensures that the workflows are smooth and the goals are met on time. So, it is imperative for an engineer to have good communication skills so as to effortlessly communicate with any of the other domains.

  • Problem-solving and critical thinking

    Engineers are natural problem solvers. They observe the situation with keen eyesight and gain insight into the problem in no time. Also, engineers come up with the best solutions in the nick of time. As most of the engineering teams work round the clock divided into many shifts, they need to ensure that their solutions are delivered on time and have a lasting effect. So you would also need to measure this quality of an engineer. You would be required to check just how effective their solutions are when presented with a critical problem because it would not always be possible for the engineers to sit back and take their sweet time to come up with a solution. There have been many instances where clients have demanded rapid deliveries and engineers need to stand up to such situations and own them. They have to be bold enough to handle pressure under such situations and deliver just when it matters the most.

  • Creativity

    Finally, an engineer is someone people look up to when they need a solution. And more often than not this situation arises when people run out of traditional ideas and are tired of playing by the book. So an engineer needs to think out of the box and be creative with his or her solutions. There might be scenarios when people are at their wit’s end and there would also be a time constraint. In such situations, engineers would come up with solutions that are simple yet effective. So you need to throw in some questions that measure the creativity of the engineers. After all, all work and no play would make Jack a dull boy. The same is true for engineers. No creativity would leave your organization stuck with engineers who are unable to solve modern-day problems.