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June 11,2018

For technically advanced people, social media brings impressive opportunities as a job search platform. Facebook has active job groups for a specific field, and it usually has thousands of members. Linkedin came out as an exclusive platform for recruiters and people who are looking for a job. It is more authentic, and it has numerous opportunities for its users that makes it a favorite for millions of people.

There are so many benefits of having a LinkedIn account to find the best candidate for you. We have listed some fantastic benefits which will convince you right away:

  • Create a complete company profile, so that candidates can know your company better. Keep your personal account separate.

  • Join groups to expand your network. It will introduce you to numerous other professionals in your industry.

  • Do thorough background research on the candidate. They have a lot of information listed on their profile. Dig their profile and their connections to understand them better.

  • Get referrals for the candidate research. Reach out to your connections and get a candidate who has all the required skills and potential.

Above given points will ensure that you get a good candidate that too in a shorter span of time. Now when you understand the importance of LinkedIn, let us talk about the correct usage of LinkedIn. There are more than 500 million users on LinkedIn, but not everybody is using it in the best way. There are some ways which will help you find a candidate on LinkedIn. Let us learn more about these tips:

Use Search Filters Effectively

When you have to find out one candidate out of millions, then you will need to be smart with your searches. Do an Advanced Search, and use options like ‘hide previously viewed.’ These search filters give you control over your results, and you can be more productive and precise with your candidate search results.

Personalize Your Inmail

When reaching out to your potential candidates, it is a good idea to go for a personalized message rather than the usual. You need to keep the profile, skills and the qualities that the candidate possesses in mind. A precisely written Inmail, with a catchy headline, will get you the attention of your candidate at once.

Take Help From Your Network

If you happen to find a candidate who has common connections, then you should take advantage of your network.

Request your connection to get you connected with the candidate directly. That way you would get in touch with the candidate directly, and it will act as your referral. Which should work in your favor.

Create An Impressive Profile

When you post a job opening, people are going to visit your profile. They are not going to apply for the job if they don’t find your profile authentic. You need to put yourself out in the market as a recruiter. Give all the details about yourself, education and company when you use your profile to find our potential candidates.

Take Advantage Of LinkedIn Groups

Social groups are one of the best ways to connect with people in your industry. Join LinkedIn groups and get to know candidates who are looking for the same job that you are hiring for. It is an open platform with incredible opportunities.

LinkedIn attracts 250 million active users on a monthly basis. If you make use of the real potential of this social platform, you will be drawing the best candidates in the industry soon enough.