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How will your Work be affected when you return from your Holidays

December 25,2015

How will your Work be affected when you return from your Holidays

A break from the monotonous routine gives our body the much required rest and relaxation. As the holiday season nears its end, the time comes when one has to get back to work. However, returning back to the workplace may not be easy for all as people lose their flow of working with high focus and concentration.

People have varied ideologies about work. According to the science enthusiasts, “Work is the product of force applied and distance covered in the direction of the force” and one cannot agree more. The force that we apply to do a task and the distance that we cover in the direction of progress counts as work. But this idea may not convince a photographer for his perception about his work, as his work involves setting focus and capturing the shots.

People returning from long duration of holidays are eager to share their experiences of the trips with their friends at work. Especially those who spent their holidays at outstation destinations. In these discussions they share their life experiences and colleagues get to know more about each other’s personality and therefore builds trust.

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Monotony in the work brings down the productivity levels and also degrade the quality of work. By carrying forward the memories from their holiday, showing pictures and videos from the trip helps you relive the whole experience. As a result, the monotony of work ends which reflects in increased enthusiasm for assigned tasks and improved quality that comes from a stress free mind.

Starting to work again after the holidays is a wonderful opportunity to commence the work on a fresh note. This can also considered as a chance to do things differently, and possibly more efficiently. The best way to do so is taking slow starts. Utilizing all the energy on day one may not be a wise thing to do. Instead, if people focus more on transforming their energies into a systematic way; they can deliver better results than over a long period of time.