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January 29,2019

To the uninitiated or those who have little to no knowledge about how an organization works, human resource team’s only job is to timely execute hiring process, which is in reality, just one significant part of their responsibility.

Human resource management includes designing the job in such manner that not only it attract new talents but also keep them engage and enhance organization’s employee retention rate. This again is made sure by the Human resource team who are responsible for workforce planning, designing and executing training and development sessions on a routine, making sure employees are satisfactorily and adequately compensated and are rewarded with perks and benefits for their efforts and hard work.

Employees desire an organization that operates smoothly, fulfills their basic requirement, and they don’t have to face any inconvenience with the facilities being dispensed, but the burden of ensuring this is on the shoulders of the human resource team, which be it in an SMB or conglomerate face the following staffing challenges:


Human resource management has a diverse population of talented candidates to recruit for job openings. One size fits all approach will not work to hire from a lot of baby boomers, millennials, Gen Z, who have different skills and expectations. While the baby boomer is looking for a job that pays them enough to let them enjoy their retirement, the millennials have been perceived as a job-hopping generation that prioritizes their interest over the organization’s goals. To strategize for attracting and retaining across generation can be a strenuous task, adversely impacting the operation of human resource management, which is where outsourcing can be of helpful.


Hire the seemingly qualified and experienced candidate or invest time in quality hires? This is a predicament of human resource team which if not resolved will ultimately affect the organization’s productivity and revenue generation. Quality hiring is a performance metrics, which is not easy to measure because the hiring quality can only be determined after the employee has been with the organization for a significant period. But the human resource team has to make sure that the qualitative hiring isn’t time extensive, which will impact the organization’s efficiency. Despite being a critical element to the recruitment process and subsequently to the organization, qualitative hiring measurement is a challenge. Finding the balance between speed and quality of hiring is one of the most significant problems that the HR team faces.


Reviews and town hall meeting have become common to let employers talk about the department’s performance and setting the benchmarks; it is equally important to give employees a platform to talk about their grievances and give their feedback on the improvements and changes being made with each quarter. Human resource management should be of the cognizance that feedbacks are a two-way communication process which should be put into practice. HR should come up with ways that employee feels free to discuss their troubles. Feedback should not only be seen as a tool to boost the organization’s growth but also be instrumental in personal growth and development of the workforce.

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