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Job Adverts and Job Description Best Practices to attract the right talent?

April 25,2020

Can you guess the number of job openings there were in June in the US?


Well, According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 7.4 million job openings, but ONLY 6 million people were looking for work.

Since 2018 the US has been critically crippled because of the labour crunch. Not just in the US, human resource executives all over the world are struggling to attract the right talent for their organisations. So much so, that human capital challenges are now ranked on the top of global concerns for CEOs.

With executives beginning to realise the importance of the talented, engaged, and motivated workforce, it has become increasingly difficult to procure such individuals. Analytical skills, for instance, are in high demand at the moment, but the availability of such individuals is scarce. The hunt for the right talent has increased so much that corporations are increasingly indulging in acqui-hiring.

Hiring the right talent is of the essence for EVERY organisation. All your employees are the face of your business, from the front desk to c-level executives. Each one of your employees represents the core values of your organisation and hiring the wrong candidate can cost you significantly more than just money.

Certain elements are ingrained in an ideal employee making them the perfect fit for any organisation:

    • High-performing candidates can significantly reduce the management time spent on employees, helping managers in focusing on the core functions of their profiles.

    • Ideal employees respect the customers and co-workers alike, cultivating a healthy work environment, and increase customer service experience.

    • Hiring the right employee can save you the cost of hiring multiple individuals for the same role; ideal candidates are invested in growing with the business.

    • Hiring, especially in today’s time, requires a lot of investment in terms of money, effort, and time. Selecting the right individual can significantly reduce the turnover costs for you.

    • Ideal candidates are strong team players who believe in contributing to the work culture of a company whole-heartedly and thrive on working in unison to achieve a common goal.

Now, that was all about what we need in a candidate, but how to make sure the ideal candidates are applying for the positions you are offering?

With the current scenario of a candidate-driven market, we need to go the extra mile to attract the right talent. Age-old recruiting techniques just won’t do the trick for you anymore, to attract the top talent you need to mix it up a little with a little bit of marketing and a whole lot of creativity.

employee experience

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Here are some easy tips to help you find your perfect match

  • Maintain Clarity–

    While writing your job descriptions or adverts; it is indispensable to maintain clarity. Providing the candidate with a clear and concise picture of every requirement and offerings will ensure better communication and engagement. Integrating digital marketing tactics can further help you in reaching targeted candidates and provide applicants from a diverse pool of specialities. It is necessary to incorporate individuals from all genders and communities and to keep your job descriptions bias-free.

  • Be flexible-

    Being flexible and working through various recruitment channels can go a long way for you when looking to hire an ideal candidate. There are numerous channels one can go about such as employee referrals, on-site recruitment portal, social media networking, job boards, RPOs, campus hiring, and many more. Adopting the perfect mix and writing the perfect job description can get you the exact placement amidst your perfect candidates. A multi-channel approach not only increases your exposure but also helps in building brand awareness. You might not get the desired candidate right away, but you will be successful in making a mark in the minds of prospective ones.

  • Leverage social media-

    Social media has become a crucial part of every business organisation. Leveraging social media can not only help you with marketing your products but also available positions in your organizations. The first thing a candidate does while applying to any firm is- a Google search. By maintaining your social media handles regularly, you can not only rank on the search engines but also open up avenues for prospective employees to gain insights on you. Posting jobs on your social media handles like LinkedIn with crisp and engaging content can also help you reach out to a diverse audience.

  • Highlight the work culture-

    Every prospective candidate is looking for an organisation that offers a healthy work culture. Sharing your organisation’s recognition and rewards programs with candidates encourages them to apply. You must acknowledge the fact that employees are your best assets and you are equally interested in boosting their career as they are in boosting your business. Effectively communicating why your company is the best place to work can substantially affect the candidate’s decisions in applying for your positions.

  • Ensure alignment-

    It is of utmost importance that you find the right set of candidates that reflect the values and culture of your organisation. You can ensure the right candidate has the same values as you by merely highlighting your core in your job descriptions or adverts. The difference in values can cause rifts and hamper employee’s performance in the long run. Getting an overview of the candidate’s work history can provide useful insights into his passions, choice of industry, and performance history.

employee experience

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Apart from all these tricks, there is one thing that can single-handedly engage prospective candidates and get them to apply- an impeccable job description. Candidates looking for jobs foremost read the job descriptions. You can reach as many potential candidates as there are to offer but still would not be able to make any conversions if you don’t have your job description or advert perfectly penned down.

Fret not! We have coined some very useful tips to help you write the perfect job description or advert.

  • Conduct job analysis

    The first step into writing a job description is to conduct a thorough job analysis. No matter if you have been hired for the same role before or not, it is essential to go through this process each time you write a job description as roles are subject to change. It is always advisable to speak with the concerned team members and reporting managers to obtain handy insights into the job role as it will help you in better defining the requirements. Conducting market analysis to check for the competitor’s hiring patterns and average compensation offered is also considered wise.

  • Start with an apt job title

    Some recruiters in attempts to be creative add words like ‘guru’, ‘ninja’, and such in the job titles which can hinder their search results as candidates do not use such lingo while searching for a job. A job title is the first thing a candidate will notice about your job posting. It is crucial to make them engaging, but you also need to make sure you’re adding the right keywords. Knowing what candidates find attractive can contribute significantly in attracting the right ones. For instance, adding specialisations in your job titles can be very attractive to job seekers.

  • Overview of the job

    The appropriate length considered while writing a job overview is about two to five lines. This should include the company’s objectives and how the role is crucial for an organisation’s functioning, how the candidate will affect society at large, and how valuable their contributions would be. While writing in overview just keep in mind what you feel the candidates would be interested in and factors about your organisation they will find appealing. Ignoring the use of extreme modifiers will also help you in constructing an overview free of bias of any sort. A simple but engaging overview will ensure the candidate’s interest.

  • Focus on responsibilities

    This is the most important segment for any candidate looking for a job, highlighting the key responsibilities without going overboard will effectively bear good results. Putting them down in pointers is highly advisable as it widens your scope of adding keywords, all the while keeping the content engaging and reader-friendly. It is good to mention if you are looking for specific qualifications as it will branch out the candidates without proper certifications. It also works great for recruiters if they focus responsibilities on growth and development, especially when looking to hire for a senior or mid-senior level role.

  • Add visuals/testimonials

    It is considered to be one of the most engaging factors when it comes to job descriptions of adverts. Candidates often ignore static job descriptions presented by recruiters. Every individual is looking for insights into your work culture, skill development programs, and experience needs. Inclusion of testimonials enhance transparency in job postings and work wonders in engaging the right candidates. Visual aids are always a plus and appeal to the eye; Adding visual cues can significantly increase the engagement for your postings and also help with brand development. Testimonials can also help candidates in knowing more about the perks and benefits offered by the organisation. It will also help in zoning the candidates who fit the bill culturally. You need to make sure that the culture doesn’t undermine the diversity and inclusiveness of your organisation. Getting testimonials from a diverse set of employees will make an essential contribution in your job description.

  • Make the final edits

    The final and most crucial stage of writing a job description is making the final edits. Once you are done with the final draft, evaluate each section of your job description or advert carefully and check for the flow in the content. It is advisable to make a few people read your content and provide feedback, according to which you can make the desired changes. Remember that the editing stage is your final step into the process and should not be taken lightly, do not shy away from making any desired changes, and be persistent with your efforts.

    Once you are through with all of the steps, you will have an exemplary job description/advert ready to be sent out.

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