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June 19,2019

Considering the number of students that are graduating every year, it might look like that the recent graduates won’t have a tough time getting hired and the company will always have a pool of talent to fill in vacant positions immediately. But such is not the case, which is why the organization, big or small, rely upon recruitment process outsourcing in India and across the world to fulfil their recruitment demands, with cost-effective means.

Out of college graduates and, employees are having a tough time finding a job without having to struggle and face closed doors on their face. If the research conducted by the National Association of College and Employers in 2018, is to be considered, despite low unemployment, it takes 7.4 months for a new college graduate to land a decent job. Well, that is a massive waste of time and potential.

The major apprehensiveness of organization against hiring out of college graduates is because of the challenges that the whole process entails; such as:

  • A mismatch between what the employer is looking for and what qualification does the graduate possesses.

  • Some companies have a tough time appealing to college graduates in this candidate-driven market.

  • Others are limited by their sourcing strategy and their inability to commit towards learning and development of the candidates.

But at the same time hiring fresh graduates has its own set of advantages which can not and should not be overlooked. Not only are you providing a candidate with their first employment but also helping your business scale in the long term with this decision:

They have the ability to grasp, understand and implement new instructions as per the training. They can easily navigate and master any form of technology, which can prove advantageous to your business in the long run. Their willingness to learn anything and everything, along with their multitasking capability, will reflect on a business’s productivity, thereby enhancing performance and efficiency.

Out of college graduates comes with a lot of drive and potential, which if utilized, judiciously can turn out to be one of the best decision that the business has made. Students and recent graduates, when guided towards the managerial role, leave more room for flexibility to the organization.

By procuring fresh graduates, an organization can save up significantly on their yearly employee salaries. Graduates come with zero experience, which business can use to their advantage and offer reasonable yet relatively lower employee compensation package for which they have previously paid a significant number. This way, they will be able to maintain their efficiency and save worthwhile operating capital.

Having mentioned this, what should be your responsibility at the end of the day is to set specific parameters, and based on it, determine whether or not the candidate will be suitable for the vacant position?

Mentioned below are some of the critical considerations for rounding up fresh college graduates, to ensure that you are only recruiting the cream of the crop:


Which college did the prospective candidate pursue their degree from? Does that college offer a quality program in the field you are looking for? It is crucial that you perform thorough research on the school you are planning to source candidates from. Don’t fall for the ranking criteria, because ranking is done on a basis which will not be the same as per your organization’s requirements.


You need a candidate with skills which are necessary to make sure that the candidate can do their job in the desired manner. It includes technical knowledge and the ability to apply that practically. At the same time, they should also have the necessary interpersonal skills, social attributes so that they can forge and strengthen the relationship with the colleagues, clients, ability to resolve conflicts and solve problems, should there be any.


Your candidate should not only have a stronghold on their written and verbal communication skills, but they should be well aware of which medium to pick when communicating in a certain way. They should be adept in non-verbal communication, reconciliation, and conflict management as well, as this will help your business take your partnership and client relationships to the next level.


What is their take on leadership? How driven have they been in their university when it comes to taking initiatives for a project, big or small? Were they able to lead a team? What is their outlook on teamwork? Ability to take initiatives, and lead a team/work with a team are essential for the growth of an organization.


Alongside being skilled, talented, and possessing at par communications kills, a candidate should be independent. While out of college graduates or any new employee for that matter is given training on the job role, but how quick they are in grasping it and implementing it is what matters. These candidates will turn out to be an excellent asset for the company as not only will they be able to learn quickly, but they won’t need much help trying to resolve any issue. You can make use of behavioural interview question to gauge upon this factor of the potential candidates.


Whether or not can they demonstrate professionalism from the minute they have entered the interview room? Do they understand the importance of time and project management? Are they able to act responsibly and demonstrate ethical behaviour? Their work ethics can have a direct impact on the team and subsequently on the productivity of the organization.

Why burden your in-house recruitment team when you can outsource these services to RPO companies in India such as Collar Search?

Our industry experts will make sure that no matter the industry and your business scale, from sourcing to onboarding of the candidates, everything is handled with utmost proficiency delivering quality results. Our tailor-made strategies will make sure that you and the best available candidate from the talent pool available in the market.