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Maintaining Outsourcing Relationship That Are Good For Your Business

December 01,2014

Increasing recruitment bandwidth and profitability while maintaining healthy outsourcing relationship for hiring process, provides strategic advantage in long run. Remembering few points is the key to success while availing RPO services.

The big question is – “why maintaining healthy relationship with an offshore company that provides RPO from India or any other country, matters?” What is the advantage of even considering relationship when most sourcing can be availed without it?

Relationship between RPO buyer and provider is of great matter. It is very crucial to maintain healthy relationship with an efficient offshore company for hiring process outsourcing. Time and consideration is important, as RPO is much more than just business. It is a continuous process, which needs swift rapport to have effective communication, easy completion, and consistent evaluation of recruitment. This one-on-one relationship is the key to successful achievement of recruitment goal, i.e. to have excellent human capital in organization.

Remembering the points given below can enhance recruitment productivity by maintaining healthy relationship with an offshore RPO firm.

RPO engagement is an association:

It is necessary to understand that an internal task such as recruitment cannot be achieved by outsourcing alone. Where 50-80 percent of recruitment process can be outsourced, rest needs in-house department for successful completion. This is where outsourcing recruitment process comes in as an association or partnership and requires a healthy relationship.

RPO is not “shifting responsibilities” to service provider and is rather working in association with offshore recruitment staff. It is functioning in resonance with each other to achieve most efficient and effective recruitment results. The results are achieved by coordinating, measuring performance, and tracking progress of recruitment process.

Knowing the duty:

To maintain healthy relationship in an RPO association, it is important to know the role of both parties. Knowing the duty helps in determining strategic objectives of buyer and provider of recruitment service. For successful achievement of efficient recruitment results, strategic objectives need to align. If alignment is not established due to difference in objectives, the results will not be fruitful.

Knowing duties and responsibilities of both parties makes the relationship stronger. It is a well-known fact that working with similar minds having similar goals is much more engaging, energetic, and enthusiastic.

Try to fit in:

It is not possible to get excellent results by totally depending on recruitment process provider. Neither it is feasible to expect everything from their side. It is a two way game that requires a fitting partner and requires more to fit in too. Without the right fit, coordination of overall recruitment activities may not be perfect, which may result in bad recruitment process.

Relationship between RPO service provider and buyer depends on unvaried essence of compatibility linking the two. A good business is followed by good relationship.

Maintaining healthy outsourcing relationship for hiring process is essential in this era of extreme competitiveness. It takes time to achieve maximum coordination and attain effective recruitment results. Working in resonance with your offshore recruitment partner will yield results with time.