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Make Talent Acquisition process easy by following these trends.

April 20,2023

Talent acquisition in the recent times has seen a rapid growth in its scope in the past decade. Earlier, it was just a small part of the human resources along with being an entry point for the newcomers who seek to become generalists in this domain. This field has emerged as a major, stand-alone business function in numerous arrangements. It’s not just about pooling resources and complying with others in this line of business. This department has its own stomping grounds.

A lot of factors are to be considered when it comes to the Talent Acquisition in an organization.

Efficient consumerization of the technology

There are numerous techniques available in the modern times which are considered as the driving forces of the information technology. They emerge step by step in consumer-oriented frame like smartphones, economical software applications as opposed to all-encompassing enterprise-oriented solutions. The latest trend of ‘consumerization’, as framed by the industry watchers has been quite late to reach the talent acquisition technology when compared to other divisions of the IT marketplace but the mobile technologies and the other app-based designs have picked up speed.

App based products

Many analysts and vendors have pushed the consumers towards the talent-management technology, innovations, and the product-depth are yet to come in this area of the marketplace. The major switchover in the technology means that core application tracking system (ATS) will emerge as a focus for numerous plug in play products. This collection of next-gen products such as candidate-relationship management system (CRM) tools, talent networks, video interviewing and the various other ways add on to the pre-hiring and background checking process.

These technologies are affordable along with being highly accessible. The best example is the cloud technology. The mobile technology which has boomed in the recent times, is an added advantage. We all know, that the mobile and tablet market has boomed in a very short period of time.

Adoption of advanced marketing techniques

There is an essence that advanced marketing techniques carry in the consumer marketing environment. A refreshing change was noticed in the awareness and on the emphasis of employment branding to promote an organization. Corporate marketing tools are being effectively used to approach the existing and potential customers like referred and future candidates.


Its a very common site that the recruiters have expressed their concern about sourcing the candidates at all levels, the surveys in the field of Talent Technology have pinpointed the executive and the skilled positions to be the effortful ones whereas, grabbing the administrative roles is the easiest task.

The significant amount of time is spent in contributing to this particular trend for the talent acquisition, which in simple words is – simplified yet strategic sourcing.

Candidate Experience

The primary goal of any good recruiter must be that he/she makes a presentation in a way that the candidate would want to earn the job rather than just grabbing it because the organization is in need of his/her skills.

Pre-application phase

The information which is usually displayed on the static career websites is always not satisfactory for the candidate who is looking for detailed information about the organization. Basically, what he/she is looking for is – What it is like to work there?

Prospects at this particular stage try to actively seek the general information which the organization chooses not to divulge.

Post-application phase

A candidate who grabs the job is at your service. But the one who has been rejected often take it poorly. Excellent marketing strategy can substitute or in other words reverse the negative effects which are to be faced by the employers. It totally depends on the employer, that how well they manage to make the candidate absorb this fact.

Proving Return on Investment (ROI)

Different Talent Acquisition techniques give different output. Each part of the recruiting and the sourcing process should be perceptible in order to evaluate the ROI.

For the current generation talent acquisition and HR leaders, creating awareness of their industrial domain and its latest trends are the best driving forces to become the future best-of-class organization.