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New Features Launched by LinkedIn for InMail Features

June 07,2017

Are you among those recruiters who don’t like looking at InMail Analytics? With new LinkedIn features you can quickly see the below things:

  • Performance of your entire team

  • Current Response rate

  • Performance over time

  • Candidates response based on company’s role and etc.

  • Your Response rate in comparison to industry benchmarks

  • InMails templates getting more response

LinkedIn introduced two features to it’s InMail product and mobile search functionality to bring companies and job seekers closer.

Here is all you need to know about the two updates.

InMail Analytics Report

The new InMail update focuses on improving recruitment strategies. Companies can see the spotlights getting highest response, along with a comprehensive understanding of which job seekers at what companies are reacting better than any other.

One can find which InMail template is working in the best way. Other improvements in the analytics reports consist of the following:

  • Candidate response rate at different seniority, school

  • Actionable insights in troubleshoot areas and better improvement

  • A Intuitive and simple user interface

  • Hourly updates to the dashboard

  • Benchmark data for recruiters to compare their performance.

The new InMail Analytics Report helps recruiter improve their response rates, performance and create data driven strategies by leveraging candidate segments. With these updates, LinkedIn is expecting customers experience to increase by 30% in search of the candidates who are more likely to respond.

LinkedIn predicts that this data will empower recruiters with internal leadership. With real data in hand, one can plan what’s working for them and what’s not.

Mobile Job Search

With the rise in mobile activity, there is a growth in mobile engine for LinkedIn. Around 20 million members translates jobs viewing every week, after adding separate Jobs tab to native mobile app on Android and iOS.

Major updates on Mobile Job Search includes:

  • Insights aligned with salary highlights, personal preferences and location.

  • List of personally curate matches to people’s jobs on daily basis.

  • Feedback from members about job match by leveraging machine learning.

Mobile users browse opportunities rather than tapping in queries and search box. According to LinkedIn, users surf opportunities when passing time rather than actively seeking them. Due to this reason, LinkedIn wants to make the content even better.

Today’s job matches on mobile devices will be curated list of personalized results which will increase job visibility and will make seamless and relevant discovery. Companies are going for outsourcing their staffing requirements to make better use of recruiting platforms.