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Recruitment Approach Startup Firms Should Adopt Right Now

June 17,2017

Recruitment process becomes critical aspect for startup firms. For them, every bad hire can result in incredible damage. In order to complicate the situation, big firms have employer brand and product that attract potential job seekers. SMBs have no recruiters, no recognition and only informal hiring process. Recruiting gets more difficult as startups are often targeting IT staff and engineers, which according to sources is the second and third most difficult job to fill.

We have list of recruiting tools and approaches that are tailored to the unique requirements of the startup firms:

Know your Recruiting Targets

Your focus should be on targeting top candidates who are not in the job market. They should be 25 times more impactful than an average hire. A comprehensive understanding requires market research that helps recruiters in identifying:

List of factors that will attract or turn off them

All the sources where they can find job opening (Social media, Referral)

Criteria on which they accept or reject job

You need to create a “recruiting behavioural profile” leveraging your current employees to find the above discussed things. Other options inculcates network on social media and participating in online forum.

List all your Selling Features

List of your selling features engage your new hires to know why they should join your company. Ask you current employee about the thing they found appealing to join your firm. Some key selling points inculcates great leaders, new technology, bleeding edge work and great location. Regardless of what you select to sell your recruits, try to coincides it with job acceptance criteria of any idea recruiting targets.

Share costs through hiring consortium

Employee referrals are the fastest way to get the quality candidates. With advancement in social media, employee referral are working even better. Integrating these two programs and educating employees on various ways to convert social media contacts into quality referrals will immensely help. Make sure to ask your employees assess referral in their cultural fit, technical skills and willingness to join them.

Startups who are at the initial phase and have limited budget should consider collaborating with similar startup or group to share recruiting ads, approach, vendor and career fair costs. For instance, one firm can share it’s employee referrals among three different firms.

Go for Recruiting Interns

Don’t miss out on this inexpensive form of talent. Plus, Interns can bring energy and excitement to the firm. At time interns are asked to serve as “on campus ambassadors” when still in campus. Start leveraging social media referrals and networks from your current interns to fill additional internship openings.

You can go for grad assistants at local universities to get the top intern talent. Offering virtual project is the best avenue to gather top talent residing in far area.

Invest in your hiring Process

There are chance that your team leaders are weak recruiters. In such cases you need handful of people from your firm who are really great in recruiting and selling job seekers. It is always best to put your bets hiring team forward.

Individual in your hiring team are likely to get more up to date with the best hiring process and unique tactics to land candidates.

You have only won half of the battles, if your have created a recruiting team. The next is to sell them using peer interviews, where team members can assess and sell during the interview process.

Startup firms can leverage the above discussed way to create a strong recruiting process. Many SMBs are outsourcing their talent requirements to get the best fit for their company.