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Recruitment trend to reinforce hiring strategy?

September 10,2018

2017 saw RPO Industry copiously utilising technology to streamline the recruitment process and manage it effectively. Not only an increasing number of RPO was seen working on a project-specific basis, but they were also implementing real-time and customised reporting to enhance their recruiting strategies. But with the evolving human resource landscape, the challenges that the RPO is facing with the passing year is also increasing multi-fold. Let’s read on some of the latest recruitment trends that can help industries develop effective strategies:

Keen emphasis on recruitment marketing

Candidates are like consumers. You need adept recruitment marketing skills to engage and retain them. You should tell the brand/product story through various form of content like videos, blogs, images, etc. Why is recruitment marketing still a thing, you ask?

Because no matter how culturally advanced and accommodating your organization is, if no one outside of your organization knows this, then how are you going to make candidates interested enough to apply to your organization. You can create video footage, interviewing senior employees or employees with long tenure.

Encouraging diverse hiring

Unlike decades that have gone by, the organizations now have the cognizance that workplace inclusion is not an option but a necessity. Inclusion and diversity hiring was first brought to light in 2016 and organization are still struggling to implement strategies to promote an appropriately diverse work-environment.

Promoting diversity is not only bankable, but it creates a stimulating and enriching environment, boosting individual as well as team’s efficiency. Recruitment staff needs to be aware of the prevalent implicit bias in the organization and design the entire recruitment process from pre to post process with the objective of attaining diversity and hiring the person, not the resume.

A.I. Recruitment

Automation, like every other industrial sector, has the potential to positively impact the recruiting process and productivity of the organisation altogether. Despite the still strong hue and cry about how implementing AI-based tools and software might replace employees soon, more and more companies are adopting and executing recruitment automation especially artificial intelligence based strategies.

Artificial intelligence has an all-encompassing effect on the latest human resource trends. Implementing AI-based tools and resources help in saving time otherwise spend on sourcing candidates manually. Another challenge for the recruitment staff in a candidate matching can be simplified by formulating an algorithm. Artificial Intelligence can boost the productivity of the recruitment team, and an increasing number of recruiters are leveraging this technology, and the number is expected to only escalate in the coming future.

Companies in 2018 are struggling with finding innovative employees who give the organisation a well-lit path and motive to succeed. Recruiters are finding it hard to keep a tab on the recruiting metrics, and they are still trying to figure out their way about creating an engaging brand image. Given that the candidates nowadays are relatively more self-aware, the growing competition demands organisation to adopt technology to automate and streamline the process and ensure right hiring. Being abreast with the latest trends can help make significant progress in the direction to work on the lagging areas and strengthen the overall processing.