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Things candidates look for in a company

Gone are those days when hundreds of candidates tried to get the same job, and the only thing that mattered the most was the paycheck. We can indeed say that those were very comfortable times for all the firms, but if you look at the modern recruitment process, you will realize that the roles have completely reversed. Now, most of the firms are competing for the top performers, and this is why it is now the firms that have to struggle more during the recruitment process.

If you are planning to organize a recruitment process, you must know that you can’t make the modern-day candidates succumb to joining your company only by showing them the paycheck. There are many different aspects of a company and the job profile that a candidate will be looking at. Because of so much complexity in the recruitment process, most of the modern-day firms are now opting to hire dedicated recruiter from India.

So, in this blog post, we are going to discuss the things that modern-day candidates are looking for and how a dedicated recruiter can help you get there.

Company values

None of the candidates out there will deny the fact that a high paycheck is an enticing factor of a job position but along with the paycheck, the candidates of the 21st century are looking to make a difference. They are looking forward to leaving a mark on the world with their skillset, and this is why they are always in search of places where they can make the most significant impact. This is why high-performing candidates are looking for only those companies, the mission of which aligns with their own goals and values.

You can’t deny the fact that the modern-day work culture is all about matching the standards of the company with their standards and if you can’t align your mission with the goals of high performing candidates, then you will never be able to become successful with your recruitment process.

Culture and environment

The corporate culture tops the list when it comes down to factors that make a candidate prefer one job position over another, and this is why it has become one of the most crucial factors for analyzing the offered job positions. Indeed, you can’t copy the culture and environment of your competitor, but your own culture should be unique to your agenda.

You can take an example of Google where the whole environment is filled with so much color, non-professional themes, and fun activities, food, and music that everyone loves to work for it. Nobody is asking you to copy the environment of Google, but you should always be intentional about your work culture.


Everyone out there is always looking for a stable life and job, especially when it comes down to changing location or making an industry jump. This is one of the main reasons why the candidates of the current era check every aspect of the company to confirm the stability of the job. Candidates might go through your financial background check to know how long you can run your company, or they might even go through your turnover rate.

With a wide array of information available on Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Indeed, exploring the stability of a company can never be difficult.


With so much going around the world, every employee out there wants to know that they are entirely safe. This is why every company out there is always looking for a way to make sure that their employees feel safe. You will need to implement all the security measures in the office area to ensure that even women can work in the offices without any safety issues.

There are many companies out there that ignore this basic thing while recruiting candidates and these are the same companies who are not able to hire top-performing candidates. If you want to avoid such a situation, then make your office look and feel safe for the candidates.

How can an outsourced recruiter help you with all these factors?

As a company, you might not be aware of the different things that modern-day candidates look for while choosing a company or position, but recruiters working in RPOs are well aware of this fact. A good recruiter will align the needs of the company along with your company profile in such a way that the candidate will succumb to the position offered to him. In many situations, even after having all the factors mentioned above, a company is not able to recruit top performers, and this is where an RPO can act as your savior.

With the demands evolving in the talent market, you will need to make changes to your recruitment approach and if you are already bogged down with too much work then opting to hire dedicated recruiter from India like Collar Search will help you in finding the right talent without wasting time and money.