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Top 3 reasons to go for Comprehensive Talent Management

December 25,2016

There are chances that you haven’t heard Talent/Recruitment leaders discussing wider picture of recruitment strategy. One of the reason major reason behind it can be the shortage of the talent. Most companies have a mix of various kind of workers which consist of:

  • Permanent Employees

  • Interims

  • Contractors

  • Freelancers

  • Statement of work (SOW) Consultants

  • Agency Workers (Temps)

Let us begin with addressing a question. How many of you are aware of the workforce mix of your company? SAP SuccessFactors stated that 20-50% of workforce consist of non- permanent employees. Almost 51% companies are not even aware of this non permanent employees ratio working for the company. Isn’t thinking for a comprehensive talent management becoming crucial?

Usually HR management and executives pays focus on the strategy of acquiring, recruiting and retaining potential talent. But one important factor to keep in mind is that for optimal level success, you need to engage the high quality employees.

Here are top 3 points to go for Comprehensive Talent Management:

Proactive Versus Reactive

This means that you can become proactive rather than reactive keeping the comprehensive talent management in mind. This is the best way of remaining ahead in the competitive market as the talent economy is going through many changes. Embracing these changes by jumping into opportunities will help you adapt a long term recruitment strategy.

One way to do this is by filling all your critical requirements and address the changes promptly.

Aligned Strategy

This is one of the crucial point in comprehensive talent management. Make sure that your recruitment strategy is aligned to the company’s core objectives and can serve all the overall requirements. Aligning the individual and company’s goal not only helps in clarifying a roles for every employee but also in demonstrating ongoing significance of company’s employees with the organization.

This way you can create significant amount of employee ownership together with the success of the company.

The next question coming in your mind would be how to do it? Here are few ways to align employees objectives with the company’s goal.

  • Identify the required skills in the employees and focus on developing the key areas. This way you can minimize your training cost.

  • Improvement in the recruitment process which can be done by identifying high quality candidates using job descriptions that are based on expertise of your company’s high performing employees holding industry competencies.

Make sure that your managers are following the below discussed points:

  • Focus on the efforts of employees on the important objectives of the company.

  • Understanding all the associated responsibilities with the assigned tasks.

  • Strengthen accountability among the departments.

Identifying Loopholes

A comprehensive talent management helps in identifying the gaps between the talent required and the talent in place. You can only plan a sound recruitment strategy, if you have plan the designed keeping these loopholes in your mind. As discussed in the above point, never fill these loopholes without considering the aligned goal strategy. This will help you in having clear expectations and feedback to the performance management. This is a best way to focus not just on the making talent strategy but also on the elements that are required for its successful execution.

The problems not always lies on lack of time, resources, expertise to recruit and rentain talent on everyday basis. Sometimes. It might be because of lack of looking at the complete and bigger picture of your business. Many companies are outsourcing their staffing needs to ensure success and cost efficiencies from a company’s perspective.