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Top 4 Reasons to be remain caution while using Google Hire

August 21,2017

Recently, we all have witnessed Google Hire feature. Google company has immense resources and brainpower, so it is fair to put Google’s Version of ATS under microscope and see where it lacks.

Well, there are many features that one will like about Google Hire but there are few areas that needs to be corrected in order to compete with already established companies.


So everyone expected job listings to be clear, but none of the site had as much as a logo is a big disappointment. Applicants expect a level of trust while they perform their job search. This becomes even more complicated due to many job search scam reports.

Lack of Visibility

Well, the major advantage of using Hire is being able to post on “Google for Jobs” in real time. Hire posting should show original posting, which means posting via Hire should surpass the same job posted on any other job board. But that’s rarely the case. Google gives less preference to employer’s career center and more to job sites. Even having searches on a company name fails to disclose Hire customers.

Lack of Better Web Search Results

Well, you expect that an exact-match search for job’s location and job title will reveal and rank the page on Hire competitively. But unfortunately, this not happening as per your expectations.

Here is the good news, these jobs are indexed and in the coming time they will start ranking better.

Duplicacy Issues

Indeed Google works diligently to ensure that pages with duplicate content doesn’t show up in the search results. People wants that one of the significant benefits of using Google for jobs is that duplicate pages won’t appear in the search results. We found that duplicate job postings were easily found in the search results. Many people witnessed that some postings were just a link to a duplicate page. It was annoying to see some postings that were duplicate content attributed back to original source.

Undoubtedly, Google Hire will get better with coming time. But for now, you need to be caution, if you are relying on Google Hire for your search traffic prayers. Many companies are going for outsourcing their talent requirements to select from wider talent pool.