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Top Tips To Prevent Candidate Ghosting

April 20,2022

A negative candidate experience can hurt both the brand and the people who want to work for it. During the global epidemic, we saw a huge rise in the number of people applying for different jobs. In the beginning of the recruitment outsourcing process, there were rumors that someone would not show up for the job. Our goal was to figure out how big the problem was and how much damage it was causing, so we hired a researcher to do some work. Astonishing things were found out. In our survey of 2000 UK adults, we found that 66% of people have been ghosted. 86 percent said they felt down after being ghosted, and 43 percent said it took weeks or even months to rebuild and start moving on. The damage to brands was also clear, with 94% saying that applying to a company made them think or feel bad about the company.

Most small businesses use spreadsheets and simple tracking systems to keep track of things, but big businesses and recruiters use technology that is tailored to their needs. Here are some things recruitment process outsourcing India can do to make sure your company doesn’t ghost candidates.

Tips to prevent candidate ghosting

Understand the candidate’s motivation to tailor the future conversation

Every step of the way, recruiters should try to be open and honest with candidates about where they are in the hiring recruitment outsourcing process from the start. This means talking about pay rates early on in the conversation, if it wasn’t already in the job description. Job seekers will stay in touch to the interview session if you tell them the dates honestly. Personal interactions as well as notes can also make you step out as an employer of choice by taking this a step further.

Discuss the salary beforehand

It’s very likely that the candidates have also applied for other jobs, you need to be careful. When you ask job candidates to just be honest about how they feel about other companies and what their salary expectations are, it can help you avoid getting dumped by them. 40 percent of applicants who don’t talk to their recruiters do because they have another job offer. The fact that candidates are also interviewing at other places can also help you stay on top of things and make changes to your recruitment strategy if you need to. Even if you know that a top candidate is already through another interview recruitment process outsourcing, you might be more ready to bargain their salary if you know that.

Brief company’s history, mission, and vision to your candidates

Candidates are more likely to show off their best traits when they are relaxed and at ease, which helps you spot strong candidates. To make a candidate feel welcome, set clear expectations and tell them about your company’s culture. As soon as they arrive at the office, have someone greet the person. They should give them a short tour of the office and offer water or coffee. Then, you can explain your company’s mission and vision to your candidates. It will help them to dig deeper into your company’s culture and how well they are going to club with your existing team. Even if the interview is done over the internet, smile and be friendly when you meet the person. Give them time to answer your questions so that they can come up with good answers. Don’t let noise or distractions get in the way of giving them your full attention.

Ask why they are job hunting?

Discussing why your potential candidates are hunting for a job is extremely important as they can help you know the real reason why they’ve applied for a job. This will help you to get an insight of why they’re going to join your team. A lot of emails or LinkedIn texts from recruiters could get lost in the shuffle, which can make it easy for people to leave jobs quickly.

It’s important for recruitment agencies to get to know candidates on a more personal level in order to sell the job and see if they want to work for the company. This can be done in person, on the phone, or even through video calls. Candidates should know that they’re still being looked at by following up on their resumes, calling them back, and doing their part to let them know that they’re still being looked at. This high-touch approach encourages them to follow through and reduces the chance that candidates will move on without telling you.

Need help to recruit an agile team?

The last thing you should do is set the right expectations with your candidates. If you have a long hiring or job offer process, be honest about that and let people know. When there are pauses in the recruitment outsourcing process, make sure to keep those candidates interested in your company. If it’s someone who’s in the “offer” stage, make sure that all emails and texts you send them are unique. Time-wise, you might think that’s a waste of time, but when you have to start over from the beginning. If you wish to seek help from a recruitment outsourcing firm, then talk to our experts today! We can help you fetch the best from the talent pool!