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February 10,2017

The result for seemingly endless election are out. Like it or not, Trump almost with 50% vote carried the day. Here are few ways in which the astonishing results can affect the industry who rely on screening and recruiting for their living.


The Trump policy brought a huge shock to the employers who were relying on other Democratic administration for meeting their talent requirements and turning a blind eye towards recruiting illegal immigrants.

Irrespective of the condition, that illegal immigrants will be allowed or not allowed to stay, price of labour will rise due to real border security. The Obama administration didn’t enforce this rule to the same extent doesn’t mean that Trump’s administrative will remain the same.

Earlier staffing industries offering potential talent to the companies due to their expertize in the field but now manufacturers are lagging behind in the market because of the increase in the wages. The staffing companies have to educate their client continuously on the market scenario for wages factor as the minimum wage for most basic jobs are swiftly ending.


Here is the good news for American workers as they will experience another pay raise together with better employment possibilities due to the Trump fair trade policies. For companies, it is less cost efficient to move to overseas then to pay Americans for working in their company there. Chances are that most of the companies are likely to lean towards the second options as it is a win win situation for both.

For staffing companies this is an opportunity to offer their services to the manufacturing clients that might have lasted from establishing their business overseas and also to educate their clients on the pay scale factors.

Undoubtedly, Trump policy will have increased in the wages of American but without artificially raise in the minimum salary. This will result in eliminating job prospects of many Americans who are viable of endless small businesses. This doesn’t anyway means that Trump won’t instigate rise in minimum wage eventually nor does it mean that it would be drastic as Democrats have proposed.


The Obamacare nightmare would be finally over. Physicians were finding very little good in this implemented law. This Obamacare didn’t drive staffing industry out of the business. It required grim determination from the experts along with dogged persistence from American Staffing Association.

We just hope that the new reforms that are about to come in the healthcare industry are better than the previous ones. Indeed, this is a win situation for American worker who were stumbling with the increasing medical insurance premiums.


The newly elect president Trump promises to transform various Obama’s orders like repealing two regulations of every one passed law. Let’s see whether his reforms can create a better off America.

All in all, the one who are surly going to benefit from the Trump are the American workers. The thing which is certain is “change”. In order to tackle these inevitable changes in a better way, you need to come in terms with these transformation.