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What kind of Offer Secures the Best Talent in The Market

March 15,2016

You may have heard the saying, “The Early Bird Gets the Worm”. The saying applies to nearly every walk of life, and is especially true in the cut throat corporate world. As businesses around the world gear towards lean management and reducing costs while maintaining or increasing output, the requirement for talented individuals to outperform expectations soars. It is crucial that large and small businesses alike know how to identify and retain top talent in the market.

What Kind of Offers Secure the Best Talent in the Market:

If you deal with workforce matters, you must already be aware of the evolving job market and increasing demands from valuable employees. Employees who are among the top performers in their industry know what they are worth and don’t settle easily.

Here are a few tips on securing the best talent in the market – and retaining it:

1. First Impressions Matter the Most:

Now, we all know that first impressions are crucial when you are interviewing prospective employees, but the same is true for companies as well. A workplace that comes across as well organized and has an open environment that is conducive to creativity is more likely to be valued by top performers. It is also important to be professional during the interview stage, orientation, and other formalities that a new employee goes through. A good or bad experience during this time can leave a lasting impression and may influence a person’s decision to stay with your company.

2. Identify Exactly Who You Need:

One common element of most persons being reported for underperforming across different companies is simply being a “bad fit”. This is common when businesses copy and paste job descriptions, don’t update the required skill set, and fail to share their vision and way of doing things with new employees. It leaves both the employee and managers frustrated; and doesn’t end well for one or both parties. Make sure you know the type of person your company or department needs, their required skill set, and behavioral patterns that will be beneficial for your team.

3. Harness the Power of the Internet:

If employees can use social networking sites like LinkedIn to apply for new jobs and even create new openings by identifying gaps at companies, you can do the same too. Finding top talent in any field is a piece of cake if you can creatively use social media, and who knows – you may get in touch with someone who is open to moving to a new position.

4. Put Employees First:

Follow HP cofounder David Packard’s example and think of the other person. That is the key to gain respect and get along well with your employees. Offer recognition and mean it, and try your best to avoid being critical of others. Lastly, it will be a great help if you create a culture where your employees actually want to work and feel valued. This is guaranteed to help retain top talent within your organization, and even help develop new talent from within the ranks.