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What types of staffing solutions are provided by RPOs for Light Industrial Staffing

Streamlining the recruitment process is always on the priority list for most of the businesses, regardless of their size and industry. If a firm is not able to hire some of the top talents from their sector, then they will never be able to fuel their growth and get palpable results from their efforts; The same goes for the light industry too. 

With competition reaching the next level in the light industry and with more and more businesses soaring in with unique approaches, you surely need to gain a competitive edge through a better recruitment process. As a business owner in the light industry, you must always be bogged down with work, and thus keeping the recruitment process in-house won’t be an ideal solution. 

This is where the world-class services offered by RPOs come into the picture. A reputed RPO will help you in adopting a better recruitment process, and they will use their resources and expertise to help you in hiring the right candidates. With the help of RPO services, you will easily be able to keep your talent pool filled.

Light Industrial Staffing

Here are some of the most common staffing solutions provided by PROs for light industrial staffing.


Flexible staffing is one of the staffing practices that is used for filling vacancies in employment. In most cases, a firm hires completely new employees if the talent pool is not filled but with flexible staffing service as an alternative. Some of the most common advantages of flexible hiring are it comes with fewer restrictions and even the legal requirement while working with flexible staffing service is significantly less.

In addition to this, flexible staffing services are much cheaper than traditional staffing service, and this is why it is considered ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. You should know that a flexible staffing service is one of the most highlighted services offered by a light industrial staffing services agency.


The word temp in the temp-to-hire staffing service simply means temporary. In this type of staffing service, the light industrial staffing services agency first hires candidates based temporarily with the possibility of the position becoming permanent in the future. But this is never a guaranteed full-time position as there are only chances of the job position becoming permanent in the future.

The roles in such types of staffing services are long term temporary roles that can last for about 3 to 6 months. You can say that the temp-to-hire staffing service is almost similar to probationary hiring but the worker never enjoys the benefits of the permanent position during this period.

Direct hire

This is another popular staffing solution provided by RPOs, and in this type of staffing solution, you will be offered a long list of candidates, and you will get to choose the right ones. In most of the cases, the RPO will fill a wide variety of roles through this type of staffing service and most of these roles are mainly full-time employment.

An RPO firm providing direct hire will always work on an as-needed basis and this is one of the unique features of direct hire staffing service. This simply means that every time you need a new hire, you need to contact the RPO firm and they will provide you with the necessary assistance. And every time you will contact the light industrial staffing services agency, you will need to give them a list of traits and skills you are searching for.

Industries which require industrial staffing

You should know that the light industry is not the only industry that takes advantage of the RPO service as there is a long list of sectors in these services have become a new normal. Some of the most common industries in which RPO services are used are as follows:-

  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistic and much more

Most of these industries are suffering from lack of talent and even the rapid development in the market landscape levels up the requirement. Businesses are facing all these challenges in these industries by opting for an experienced and economical light industrial staffing services agency. If you are in any of the industries as mentioned above and finding it challenging to have a steady workforce, then you should opt for RPO services without any second thoughts.

How can RPOs help?

An experienced and skilled RPO service providing company like Collar Search can help in filling the gap between the companies and the candidates. Many industries are suffering from a lack of talent, and the always-changing market landscape is posing a challenge in front of the companies. But by opting for a light industrial staffing services agency, a firm can always maintain a steady and reliable workforce.

By connecting talent, technology, and opportunity along with tried and tested methodology, an RPO firm like ours can keep your talent pool filled and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. It doesn’t matter how small your business or how little your recruitment needs are, we will always fulfil your recruitment needs without any hassle.