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Why Cultural Fit Should Not Sabotage Diversity

May 07,2018

Every company has its own unique culture and work environment. Traditionally HRs and managers look for appropriate candidates who can be a fit for the work culture. But in a way, we are missing out on the cultural diversity that is mandatory for any social group, in a personal space or a professional space.

Due to globalization, we are dealing with a multicultural consumer base on the day to day basis. If you do not have diversity, then there is no way you can provide products/ services to multicultural consumers. A culturally diverse company has the potential to have a stronger company culture. If you choose to have different candidates in your company, it will bring an air of fresh point of views and ideas. A diverse workforce will take your business to another height because of diversity in the opinions and ideas.

Problem With Cultural Fit

Millenials are brought up in a culture that is heavily influenced by the multimedia. Now we all follow a world culture which is also described as popular culture. Millennials would not thrive in a workspace that does not have cultural diversity. In a way, cultural fit has a strong sense of discrimination against a particular kind of social culture and its members. It is unfair just like a rejection based on ‘lack of experience.’ After screening the candidate during the interview, if you undermine his/her potential based on the experience, then it is unfair to the chances of their growth. Relevant skills are way more important than the years of experience.

If the colleagues get along with each other after the work hours, it is an advantage. But as long as people are coming together, bringing fresh ideas to the table and they are professional, there is no way the company needs to run behind a cultural fit. In a way, the filter of cultural fit shows a strong sense of bias towards a specific class or social group.

Advantage Of Cultural Add

We all agree that if the colleagues follow the same values and professionalism, the project will be more successful. It should not sabotage the fact that too much resemblance in the point of view and ideology would be a bad idea for the company’s future. While creating a product or providing a service design, you need to be as creative as you can. Different opinion and social conditions need to take in consideration. One cannot think about the outcomes in 360 degrees, that is why it is essential to have different people who can collectively provide a complete overview of pros and cons. If you are looking forward to hiring some culturally diverse candidates who share the same vision as your company, then you should contact Collar Search. Outsourcing your recruitment will get your best candidates at the minimum cost,

The unique qualities that an individual brings with him/her is an invaluable contribution towards the organization. A recruiter must understand the need to bring a balance between the two – old and new employees. Employees that are freshers or the ones who have the experience of quite some years. Similarly, soft skills are an essential factor which contributes towards a stronger team, hence the better company culture. That is why it is time to let your company grow and bring in diversity in your recruitment.