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Why is your Social Media, Time-crunched for Recruitment

October 10,2015

Whether in tangible terms or terms of innovative practices, business organizations are leaving no stone unturned to generate a viable means of recruitment. Gone is the era when finding the top talents was based on referrals and internal recommendations alone, the IT-enabled age promises us various other means of talent acquisition as well.

In the current market dynamics where demand for both skilled and unskilled workforce is at its peak, recruiters have started considering to invest more so as to encourage quality candidates to show up for jobs. Recruiters are planning to invest more in social recruiting (73%), referrals (63%) and mobile (51%). And this trend is going to bring in a lot of opportunities in terms of recruitment as well as employer brand building.

Social recruiting has made its place ever since its inception. More so now because the reasons why employees leave an organization has increased in manifolds. And that social media has become an optimal channel for expressing one’s opinions, recruiting firms have begun intercepting Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to understand what the human resource market is doing. Also, recruiters can analyze the available social media data to formulate a more aggressive course of action.

Thinking like a Recruiter Marketer

Like all professions, recruiters need to keep the market’s point of view in all their actions. Having a year-round online presence on social media sites will convey a meaningful message to your potential customers. That they can approach you whenever they want to, will further build a trust factor that will work towards your purpose.

You can consider having content-calendar and a plan of action to formulate an actionable strategy to keep your prospects engaged meaningfully. Also, keep in mind their perspective. Like before publishing a post on say Facebook or LinkedIn, you should always think of the value that the post might add to your audience’s time and life. Why would anyone read your post if it doesn’t offer anything? Likewise, if your social media page is not graced with insightful and relevant articles or posts, you are risking the authority of your online presence.

Boost engagement through judicious use of links

Inserting links to relevant articles will only strengthen your authority over the subject. Statistically, including links in status updates have proven to be 45% more socially engaging and gets more attention of your audience.

Also, as this LinkedIn article suggests, you can consider using rich media content such as pictures, video or just infographics so as to gain the maximum advantage.

employee experience

A study by Buffer found that tweets having image get higher attention and 150% more retweets. Even .gif type animated pics are great, for they draw attention quickly.

Shop where your product is

Yes, for a recruiter, talented candidates are products. And you don’t go a hardware shop to look for grocery items. So, it is not advised to stay logged in for all the social media sites. Analyze what domain of employees you want, if you want youngsters, searching them on Pinterest and Instagram would be great. Or, looking for someone that you can fit in senior management level? Why not go for a professional social site such as LinkedIn?

Since the difference between the real and digital worlds are shortening rapidly and that our social media profiles have begun replacing our real identities, it is worthy of your efforts to look for new avenues at places where you are certain of finding the candidates.

Not that the traditional means of filtering the job interviewees are any way bad or something, the idea however is to look for a solution that is not just up to date with modern technology but also mutually convenient for both the recruiter and the talent pool. And no doubt, social media platforms have a lot more to offer in this pursuit.