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Why Should You Invest In Temporary Staff?

September 21,2023

Temporary staffing or tempting as it is also called, is a growing market in India, with federation planning to expand it to greater heights. Per the latest statistical reports by The Indian Starting federations, despite the economic downturn in India, temporary staffing is growing at the rate of 35-40 %.. A prominent body of temporary staffing firms across India, ISF also reported that this flexible staffing industry would be a total of 10% of the organized workforce in India by 2025, expecting to grow to 9 million.


Now that we have laid out the figures, let’s discuss why an increasing number of organizations, big or small are opting for temporary staff.

  • As the term suggests, temporary employees are hired for a specific role for a certain period, post which they are no longer associated with the organization. Unlike the permanent employees who work and are paid for, until they are fired or choose to quit, a temporary employee brings significant financial benefits to the organization.

  • Temporary staffing is the best solution for the nation and organizations experiencing an economic slowdown, as they no longer have to proffer high remuneration and added advantage that is an obligation for the permanent employees.

  • No longer do companies have to worry about dispensing periodic training and development sessions, as you will be hiring skilled and experienced temporary staff for a particular job role.

  • Cost per hire of permanent employees is higher than that of temporary employees, which is why temping makes much more sense. The temporary staff gives the organization the ability to scale up to higher or lower without affecting the cost structure,

  • Every organization comes across the moments of urgency where either there is a sudden workload or a person holding a prominent position has suddenly left. Temporary staff can come to the rescue in such situations. They can act as a momentary cover up- if an employee has left or is unable to work because of health or any other issue. Workloads and deadlines are typical in the company. Temporary staff will make sure that there is no downtime or delay.

  • Temporary staffing is of significant help to the companies that have seasonal work like the businesses which are active around festivals like Christmas. Leveraging from a temporary staff can help manage the workload without burdening the business financially.

  • This also helps in forging and fostering strong relations with the agency from which you are planning to hire temporary staff from. Hiring dedicated recruiters from India who will provide efficient temporary staffing solutions can help a company in achieving its long term workforce goals.


  • Has your staff been complaining of the workload escalations coming in the way of their productivity and efficiency? Temporary staff can help take the load off so that your permanent employees can better focus on the tasks that matter.

  • Is your client asking for such employees to work on their projects, that hold expertise in the said field? It is difficult to find a specialty expert in an organization, mainly, because their level of knowledge and understanding is rarely put to use, especially in SMEs.

  • Is your team or individual employees holding significant positions planning to go on their annual leave? Of course, you can not stop them, you sure can before hiring a team of temporary employees who can deliver quality results, and there is no backlog.

  • Are you still training your existing staff with the latest tools and technologies that you have implemented? Won’t this lead to downtime? Why fret when you can hire temporary staff to hold the rein while your team is getting up to speed for the future.

  • Are you thinking of adding resources to your team but are restricted by the budget constraints? Why not let temporary staff possessing the skills and expertise, fill in for the gap? Or do you have a vacancy for a position that is an absolute necessity but you are yet to find a candidate with qualified credentials? Hiring temporary staff for the meantime can help cover up for the loss that your organization would have to bear otherwise. They will be the perfect choice to fill the skill deficit until you have found the right candidate.


You are wondering why invest in outsourcing temporary service and add to the expense when you have employees and acquaintances to help you?

Considering the nature and time at which the need for temporary staff arises, you can not risk the quality of the workforce. You need employees that deliver with the same diligence and proficiency, if not higher, like your permanent workforce. A temporary staffing agency like Collar Search will guarantee you find the cream of the crop in the shortest turnaround time possible, within your budget.

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