Federal Recruitment Services

Collar Search offers a wide array of services such as applicant tracking, sourcing, providing technological support, and much more to create greater and more specific inroads.

Federal Recruitment Services

Recruitment processing is widely accepted across all domains, and even the public sector is not an exception. Collar Search offers a wide array of services such as applicant tracking, sourcing, providing technological support, and much more to create greater and more specific inroads. We know exactly how to navigate the narrowly defined scope of government entities and cover the full cycle of recruitment. We provide complete support and end-to-end services eradicating the need to go through with the challenging and time taking internal hiring processes of federal departments.

Collar Search believes in optimal servicing and caters discretion to all our clients. We are well aware of the talent crunch faced by several federal agencies and are well equipped to handle any and all roadblocks in the way. Our elaborate database and world-class technological support allows us to source and engage prospective candidates better than any in-house recruiting teams. We take into consideration every aspect of our client’s needs and source candidates based perfectly upon them. We help our clients develop candidate personas to refine our searches and service them better.

The greatest edge you get in associating with Collar Search is the technical support that we provide. With limited finances dedicated to recruiting departments of federal agencies, it can get extremely challenging for them to navigate the current recruitment landscape. We assure you that the talent shortages and the requirement for specific expertise will not get in the way of Collar Search in finding the right candidate for you.


Our Expertise

We serve as the perfect recruiting arm for federal agencies of all size and specialize in-

  • What is the procedure to apply for Federal jobs?

    A Federal job allows you to work under the three important components of the government of the US- namely Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. To crack a job in any of these branches, an applicant has to follow the standard routine applying procedure and sign up for USAJOBS. There you can find a suitable job that fits you right for the part and matches the qualitative aspects of your skill. To get daily updates on new openings and better opportunities, you can further subscribe to newsletters and company bulletins. Applying for a particular job should be cautiously done keeping in mind that the job description syncs with your qualifications so you can be the most suitable applicant in the eyes of a recruiter like us.

  • What are the general qualification standards?

    General qualification standards are basic requirements that are necessary for a recruiter to cover for a particular Federal job vacancy. These can vary across various occupations and job descriptions ( technical background, qualification, medical history, age, and working experience).

    These are pretty important for a recruitment agency to take care of as these are the benchmarks that would help the company to work upon in the near future, in regard to operational efficiency, workforce productivity, etc.

  • How does the payment system work in Federal jobs?

    The Federal pay system includes two branches that set the payment measures for the white-collar employees and blue-collar employees. For the white-collar employees working in a Federal corporation, the basic pay is settled as per the General Schedule, amended annually. Apart from the basic pay, GS also allows you a cost-of-living allowance if you reside out of the US locality or non-foreign areas. However, if you live in the continental US locality, you may receive locality pay. Moving on to the blue-collar employees, their wages are decided as per the Federal Wage System (FWS), which varies from state to state and country as well. These rates are subject to change as per government intervention.

  • What is the meaning of “area of consideration”?

    An “area of consideration” is basically a pool of applications/applicants who will be streamlined for the position offered. It is a strategic tool to limit the number of applicants and proceed with those who may apply for the vacancy available. As the name suggests, one may think of it as a process of limiting the applicant by location; however, it is more of eligibility criteria, qualification background that the agency would consider while screening applicants. If your application gets rejected under the reason ‘Not Under Area Of Consideration’, it must be because the job offered requires particular qualification or skills which is lacking at your end and may not put you as a suitable candidate.

  • How will Collar Search help me in finding a job?

    Collar Search is an experienced RPO company that helps you get an added advantage over your selection probability with their strategic tools and expertise in meeting the business needs. With our long-term tried and tested recruitment techniques and effective methodologies, we create a way out for you to make your application stand apart from the rest. – We have the best of recruitment knowledge and a team of professionals, that can actually act as a guide for you to find a fruitful job that matches your qualifications.