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Light Industrial RPO Services

One-stop Solution For Light industrial RPO services

With the concept of RPO still growing in India, we have taken advantage of acting as an early bird in this field, by working passionately for more than a decade and becoming the most trusted light industrial RPO service provider.

Collar Search offers end to end light industrial recruitment outsourcing services that are entirely customizable, and that’s what helps us stand out from other light industrial recruitment services agencies. We have a team of dedicated recruitment experts that have 4+ experience in the light industrial field to meet your specific recruitment needs.

Light Industrial RPO Services

Our Principle: Helping an organization grow better with quality hires

When you begin your hunt for the right candidate, then you will realize there is still a massive void between the talented, experienced, and skilled candidates and companies. From operation and sales to marketing and human resource, there are various things that you need to keep in mind. With always more on your plate, finding the right candidate for your firm is not going to turn out very easy for you. But you can easily simplify the recruitment process by merely choosing an ideal light industrial recruiting agency India like Collar Search.

Our main objective is to fill the gap between the candidates and companies and let our clients take advantage of a skilled and experienced workforce. Through our unmatchable and agile recruitment process, we simplify the recruitment process and let our clients choose the cream of the crops without any hitches. No need to make recruitment a money-guzzler for your business.

Benefits Of Hiring A Light Industrial RPO Service Provider

  • Hire the best candidates without wasting money and build a better workforce that can contribute to the growth of your company.
  • Adjust the recruitment process as per your needs as the RPO services offered by Collar Search is highly scalable and flexible.
  • Choosing light industrial RPO services is not only cost-effective, but it improves the quality of hires as well. Work with the best talents from the industry without going through the complexities of recruitment.

Choosing light industrial RPO services is not only cost-effective but it improves the quality of hires as well. Work with best talents from the industry without going through the complexities of recruitment.

Why Collar Search?

Reliable quality performance

Better ROI

At Collar Search, we use a result-oriented recruitment process that consumes minimal time and resources, and thus your Return on Investment improves. By choosing us, you can maximize your profit.

Great track record

Complete RPO service

We provide a complete recruitment cycle, right from the beginning to the end. So by choosing us as your light industrial RPO service partner, you will never have to look for any other company during the recruitment process.

Technical staffing expert

Dedicated recruiters

Engage a wholly dedicated, seasoned, and skilled team of recruiters that will analyze the position in your company and then use the best process to provide you the best candidates from the industry.

Competitive pricing


You will get the complete freedom of choosing your recruitment team so that you can fulfill your specific recruitment needs without any hitches.


  • More than a decade of experience in the RPO industry
  • Technology-driven process that facilitates collaboration and communication
  • Trusted partners in the US and Canada
  • Better quality of hires in less time

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Light industrial RPO – Frequently Asked Questions

How can light industrial RPO companies work with startups and small businesses?

We have been providing RPO services for more than a decade, and during this period, we have served businesses of every size and type. Our skilled recruiters know exactly what your startup or small business needs as they have worked with a long list of startups in the past.

Will I get the chance to choose my team of recruiters?

We know that the need for every business is different, and that’s why along with the option of customization in the process, we also allow our clients to choose their team of recruiters so that they can fulfill their business needs without any hassle.

How will the light industrial RPO service benefit my company?

Following are some of the most common advantages that you will get by choosing Collar Search as your light industrial RPO company:-

  • Cost-saving
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Quality of hire
  • Better transparency during the recruitment

What to look for while choosing a light industrial RPO company?

If you are going to choose a light industrial RPO company, then you will need to look at their experience and the skill set of the team of recruiters. In addition to this, you will also need to look at their industry expertise and track record.