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Collar Search is a RPO solutions provider company based in New Delhi, India. At Collar Search we understand the importance of human resource outsourcing as many corporations like to delegate or bypass the cost and resource required for the staffing processes. RPO in India is still a relatively new concept and is continuously evolving throughout the subcontinent. We understand the potential of this field and have created a dedicated team that can efficiently cater to all the outsourcing needs of any company, size or location.

We deal in all kinds of recruitment related processes including recruitment process outsourcing. Through constant effort and hard-work we dream to achieve and dominate the pinnacle position of RPO services in India.

Our principle: The Right Man for the Right Job!

The world has gone immensely competitive and recruiting the right candidate for any position has become a daunting task. A company has to keep various aspects of organization like operations, marketing, sales, finance and human resource in mind. It’s quite difficult to find the right person for hiring with so many things to be taken care of, that’s why RPO in India is supposed to be the most appropriate option for you.

Our Objective At Collar Search, we provide excellent recruitment process outsourcing services. Our expertise and dedication have made us one of the leading RPO companies in India within a few initial years since its inception. We provide efficient services amid day by day changing scenario of the economic world.

Benefits of RPO

  • Leading companies choose recruitment process outsourcing as a tool to achieve strategic advantage. In this way, they acquire better employees in less time and by employing fewer resources.
  • Cost of operation, risk, and complexity is reduced to a significant extent and the money, along with every other resource is invested strategically.

Outsourcing helps you save up on a lot of cost

Acquiring Quality Candidates, Creating A Smarter Workforce.

Why Choose Collar Search?

Maximum ROI
At Collar Search, we find the top talents in minimum time, thereby giving you the maximum return on your investment. We understand the crucial need of utilizing your business resources in an optimal way.

RPO Customization
At Collar Search, every step of recruitment process outsourcing is customizable to meet your business organization needs. We work to deliver sourcing, recruitment and hiring solution designed around you.

Global Outreach
Global outreach of our elite recruiters lets you acquire the most talented professionals from the world. Your competitors are global; you need a global workforce to meet them effectively.

Dedicated Offshore Recruitment Resource
At Collar Search, we recognize the key potential of unsurpassed talents who make a significant impact on business growth. We engaged a completely dedicated offshore recruitment team that determines and takes care of your specific recruitment needs.

Our USP:

Let’s have a look at a few of our services:

Offshore Research Specialist

If you choose to have our RPO services through an offshore research, you can have the benefits of following services:

Complete Analysis of Positions: We have a dedicated team of professionals which will make an excellent plan to analyse the positions in your business and determine all the requirements clearly and proceed in an efficient manner.
Candidate Research: Our team will study the internal database provided by you and perform a great candidate research.

Offshore Recruitment Manager

If your organization needs to hire more than five employees consistently, you can approach us for an offshore recruitment manager who will work exclusively for you. He will work either independently or as an aide to your existing human resource department, as per your decision. Let’s have a look at the tasks he will do for your organization

  • Complete Analysis of Positions: The offshore recruitment manager assigned to you will analyse the positions and determine all the requirements of your organization. Then he will scrutinize various resumes and short-list the most relevant candidates as per the requirements of your business.
  • Screening of Short-listed Candidates: He will take care of all the candidates who look suitable for the jobs by employing various methods and techniques and suggest you the best ones.
  • Arranging Interviews: Interview always remains the prime part of all the recruitment process. Your recruitment manager will conduct interviews of the potential candidates and judge their suitability for the open position and suggest their names to you, if he’s satisfied with them.
  • Checking References: Before forwarding you the details of final short-listed candidates, the manager will conduct reference check to make sure that any applicants of the jobs are not fake. It helps a lot of your valuable time.
  • Issuing Job Offer: The recruitment manager provided by us will work in a very close association with your in-house recruitment team and issue job offers after receiving any requirement intimation from them. He will also perform some other necessary checks and verifications.
  • Acceptance and Joining: Once all the formalities are done, the manager will issue joining letters to all the selected candidates. Thus the open vacancy will be closed successfully.

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