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With Collar Search, you gain a strategic advantage while getting the top global workforce for you to meet your business needs. We offer customization RPO services to yield you the maximum return on your investments.

Offshore Recruitment Team

Collar Search continues to race ahead in competition by bringing the most profitable solutions for your business. Reputed for delivering quality well ahead of time, our OffShore Recruitment Team.

HRMS Technology

We work on HRMS technology to be able to gain a competitive edge and help you hire intellectual individuals who would fulfill the requirements of your projects and business goals.

Staffing Service

Collar Search, with over 6+ years of establishing a profound base in the Offshore IT Staffing industry, has evolved its service models with the market trends. Operating on a global scale, we realize the importance of staying up.

HR Outsourcing

At Collar Search, we provide professional HR outsourcing solutions for your business with the ideal administrative methods that ensure a smooth progression of your company’s management.

Healthcare Staffing

Collar Search extends their assistance to healthcare industry by providing end-to-end staffing solutions, which enables you to completely focus on your practices.

Offshore IT Staffing

It all starts with finding the resumes of the right candidates. Our team conducts full research that involves the acquisition of the most skilled candidates for the opening in your organization. We acquire these top talents by conducting both primary and secondary form of research.

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Why Choose Us

CV Sourcing

Our team of expert recruiters at Collar Search source CVs of potential talents from multiple leading Job Boards of the world to match job requirements of your business precisely.

Elite Recruiters

Our team of recruiters at Collar Search has an average of 3 – 10 years of experience. We constantly upgrade their skills by providing training in the latest recruitment techniques and systems.

Recruiters on-Demand

Our team of expert recruiters at Collar Search is deployable on short notice to extend your resources. Moreover, you can extricate them easily when the business objectives are met.

Bench Marketing Specialists

We handle all the issues that deal with bringing new employees to your organization. At Collar Search, our team of professional bench marketing experts identifies the job openings in your company.

Offshore Resume Research Specialists

At Collar Search, our team of resume research specialists ensures that you get the best human capital for your organization. It all starts with finding the resumes of the right candidates.

24X7 Support

We do not let the fact of offshore services or the time zone between you and us make any difference in our deliverables. The team of Collar Search provides a relentless 24X7 support to meet your HR and RPO needs.