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Staffing Services FAQ

Q. Why should I choose staffing services?

Ans. Staffing services help to release the pressure of finding and hiring expertise from the pool of highly talented people. Staffing firms can be extremely effective in a recruitment process within a restricted time frame and in a cost-effective way. They help to select the niche talent according to your needs and suggest a list of final candidates that can be interviewed by the respective company for the final check.  

Q. What kinds of services do staffing companies offer?

Ans. A wide array of services have been offered by staffing companies which include temporary and contract-based staffing, permanent placements, offshoring recruitment and provide you with HRMS technology as well.

Q. What is the benefit of working with a staffing service agency?

Ans. Working with a staffing service agency can bear a fruitful result in your recruitment process. Some of the benefits of working with a staffing service are:

  • Guidance in forming your hiring strategy: How many employees do you need to add to your team to achieve a specific goal by next year? Should you hire a contract based or a permanent employee? What kind of skills and personality traits you will need a specific position. Get the answers to these questions or regulate your hiring process before time with the staffing service agency. 
  • Choose from a wider pool of qualified candidates: One of the benefits of a staffing agency is its access to a wide pool of skilled candidates. High-quality staffing agency attracts the top tier candidate around the region and constantly working to expand their horizon. 
  • Focus on your expertise: You can use your time to excel more in your business field when you hire a staffing agency that will take care of hiring tasks like posting a job opening, sourcing candidates, screening resumes, initial round interviews and many more to come.      

Q. How do I apply for staffing services?

Ans. You can simply fill out a short application form and send it to us and let us find the candidate of your choice or a job that suits your skill sets. Or you can simply contact us through our website.

Your pick way. It is that simple, honestly.   

Q. Why should I choose staffing services rather than filling the position on my own?

Ans. Staffing service agency plays an important role in finding the right talent for the companies and helping the candidates to find their dream job. Choosing a staffing agency helps you in: 

  • Save time: Complete one application and interview with staffing specialist is all you have to do and consider all the other work is done. Rather than looking for jobs and applying for each of them and following up with each application are the work of the past when you start working with a staffing agency. 
  • Wider options are available: Staffing service agency works with multiple companies and most of the agency cover multiple industries. This means that your one application can have access to a wider number of companies and apply to several positions available in different industries. 

Q. What industries does the Collar Search staffing agency operate in?

Ans. We Specialize in the Following Industries:

  • IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Technical (SAP/ERP)
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Peripheral Industry

Q. What is the process for finding employees through Collar Search?

Ans. At collar search, we follow our 5 step selection model right from the beginning of the project to the final interview. Our results reflect the success of our staffing specialist.