Vendor Management System

A web-based application, vendor management system is a way of securing and managing the intricacies of staffing operations and management.

Management System

Vendor Management System

Are you having trouble managing the staff record amid the confusion of them being temporary, permanent, contingent, or contract?

Tired of managing procurement process with multiple versions of the same documents, and then having to put the changes made into a single document?

Vendor Management System

A web-based application, vendor management system is a way of securing and managing the intricacies of staffing operations and management. A lucrative and effective technology, VMS creates a centralized web-based environment on which a purchaser can raise their requirement for type and quantity of workforce to various vendors, who can propose their staffing solution in real time.

Vendor Management System And Staffing Services

A robust software solution for the staffing services, VMS has the ability to entirely transform a staffing firm, recruitment operation, and management, minimize the probability of error, enhance the quality and efficiency of the overall firm. The automated system makes it easier for the staffing agencies by providing them with immediate access to new jobs, filing job request at a quicker speed and expediting the administrative tasks, which otherwise slow down the entire processing.

But why invest in outsourcing a VMS, when it can be done in-house?

Because VMS requires a specialized skill set and discipline, which not every organization has, furthermore, it requires an investment of extensive resources which can take a toll on the financial health of the organization. Outsourcing VMS would be a practical choice.

What Makes Collar Search Vendor Management System Different?

Cost Efficient

Collar Search’s cost-effective VMS coordinates the entire vendor relationship; right from acquiring the vendor to fulfilling staffing demands with accurate candidate matching (qualifications, job requirements), to issuing paycheck and more.


Its automated technology allows for streamlining the complexities of the staffing processes resulting in more straightforward and clear management, quickly filling the job roles while minimizing the expenses.

Reduced Operations Cost

With Collar Search VMS, there will be a significant reduction in operational cost and investment of internal resources, which leaves ample room for the staffing agencies to pursue their business opportunities.

Easy to Manage

The centralized workflow proffered by the Collar Search’s VMS will not only make the managing easy, but it will also help the purchaser make a well-informed decision regarding the proposals put up on the software.

Secure Collaboration

It facilitates secure collaboration between purchasers and vendors, thereby mitigating any confusion regarding the staff and their payments. It will eliminate the probability of version confusion and editing failure since all the chances by the users will be made in the same documents in real time.


The vendor can benefit from Collar Search's VMS ability to generate more accurate invoices consistently and quickly. Furthermore, the staffing requirement will be more accessible to them, and they will be able to get quicker staff approvals in the centralized system.

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