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Four Challenges That Act As Roadblocks In The Recruitment Process!

February 11,2022

By looking at things, small and medium-sized businesses might look like they are operating on a tiny scale. Still, you will be surprised to know that SMEs account for 70% of the employment globally. This also shows that SMEs play a vital role in job creation.

So, when SMEs are hiring, it affects the employees or the company, but it affects the country’s overall economy. That is why, if such an important sector of businesses starts struggling with recruitment, it should be addressed immediately.

There are many variables in the recruitment process, and with small businesses constantly bogged down, the simple-looking recruitment process can turn into an arduous task. But is there any way to make the recruitment process a breeze and still harness maximum benefit from it?

To deal with the challenges of the recruitment process, you first have to identify them, which is what we are going to do in this blog post.

Here is a look into the top 4 hurdles that small businesses have to deal with during recruitment.

Finding the Suitable Employee within the Deadline

Gone are those days when employees spent several decades in a single company, doing the same job day in and day out. The millennial workforce is more open to risk, and they are always ready to step up to the plate whenever possible. To top it up is the lack of patience in the new generation for achieving goals, and they want to climb up to the ladder of success quickly.

Due to the proliferation of opportunities and easy accessibility to innovation, the youth has nurtured flexibility to achieve name and fame. But all this has taken a toll on the already challenging landscape of recruitment.

Because of the volatile nature of the market and the employees, there is always constant pressure on the HR department to find employees quickly. Companies now want skilled candidates who can quickly fill the vacant position to avoid any downtime.

Such a market situation thwarts companies from keeping everything in-house, and everyone is slowly flocking towards HR outsourcing services in India.

Avoidance in Being Coaxed by Illegitimate Resumes

In the rush of climbing the ladder of success as quickly as possible and because of misguided information, candidates are now putting false information in their resumes to make it shine among the long piles of applications.

Because of the urge to grab a better salary package and get attached to a reputed company, many employees have used false information on their resumes to entice employers.

HR professionals need to be wary of such applications as we are witnessing an influx of fake profiles in almost every sector. If such issues are not addressed, things can spiral out of control after hiring.

A more reliable approach to deal with this issue will be to work with HR outsourcing services in India, as companies with expertise in the recruitment process have better ways to cross-check the claims made by candidates during recruitment. Faking a resume with an HR outsourcing company is nearly impossible for even the most competent candidates.

Finding an Employee Who is Aptly Qualified for the Profile

It has been more than a decade since the Great Recession (2007-2012), but you will be surprised to know that companies have not yet recovered from that devastating economic tragedy. Many giant companies are still working to cover up the loss of money they suffered during the Great Recession.

At such a crucial stage, none of the companies out there can afford to lose money by hiring the wrong candidate, especially for those designations and profiles that contribute directly to the growth of the business.

Because of such a situation, companies are now narrowing their focus on the accuracy of qualification and the experience history before filtering the available applications. But even with such an approach, companies have to deal with the lack of expertise, which puts most firms in a dilemma as filling a single vacancy requires a long list of resumes.

Well structured interview process

Every part of the recruitment process has evolved in the 21st century, from opting for HR outsourcing services in India to going digital for job vacancies. There is no way to rehash the interview models in such a transformative landscape.

In the 21st century, interviews are much more detailed as an interview is the only medium that allows the employer to interact with the candidate directly and know more about them. During the interview, the employer tests the candidate’s mentality, vision, approach, psychology, and perception.

But since the interview needs to be detailed, it needs to be well structured. You can’t just shrug off the burden of the discussion and ask 3-4 standard questions to complete the formalities of an interview.

To top it up is the lack of skilled and dedicated interviewers, which might be catapulting the influx of HR outsourcing services in India.

Amidst the challenges in the recruitment process, small and medium-sized businesses are stepping up to the plate by abandoning the old tradition of rehashing traditional recruitment models and outsourcing recruitment to RPO companies.

Wrapping Up

If you are searching for an RPO company that aids you in overcoming the obstacles of the modern age recruitment process, then Collar Search is the best option for you. Our clients trust us for their recruitment process because we trust the most skilled professionals, updated technology, and customized projects. You are just a call away from making recruitment a breeze.