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Get 100% performance of your Remote development team

January 26,2023

Even before the influx of COVID-19, which catapulted the number of remote teams, many businesses adopted the remote working culture. So, the pandemic might not have acted as a springboard for the remote development team, but it has undoubtedly boosted the trend.

While many people consider remote teams as just another famous fad, it is here to stay for a long, and many businesses are considering it to fuel growth and stay on the right track of productiveness.

But with the development team working remotely, you don’t have any method to stroll over to their work are to keep tabs on their progress. In such a case, how would you guarantee that the remote development team stays on the right track and works towards the same goal while being a valuable asset to the company?

Here is a look into how to make the most of your remote development team without going through much hassle and without making any significant changes in the company’s policy and process.

Give You Team Greater Autonomy

Many managers are present in the office, and they can easily stroll over to the working area to examine the progress and make sure everything is on the right track. But such equivalent elements don’t work in the case of a remote development team.

The only way to solve this issue is to advance your administrative style by building more grounded trust in the representatives. This way, you will be making the remotely working development team self-sufficient.

Millennials have an aversion to a strict working environment as they prefer a more independent working culture. This is what you have to offer to your remotely working development team.

Even when you work with an RPO company in India they will suggest you characterize updates, goals, and deadlines rather than conducting routine checks over the team.

Help Create a Great Work from Environment

It has been seen that a well-organized workplace leads to better productivity. For example, an office with a standing working area or PC screens becomes a more inviting place to work for employees.

The same can be said about the remotely working development team built through an RPO company in India. You want your remote working employees to have a spot and gear to shift to work mode without any hassle.

You can start building a better working environment for your employees by giving them suggestions on creating a decent work-office environment. From making space for daylight to accentuating the overall feel of the space by using some potted plants.

Try Timing Tracking Tools

It doesn’t matter which type of organization you are running or the scale of your operation; you should always consider time tracking tools like Time Specialist as such tools helps in overseeing your remote working employees.

The time tracking tools are relatively easy to use, and they can give you an overview of how the remote development team built with the help of top rpo companies in India is using its energy. With the help of time tracking tools, you can easily comprehend why certain remote employees aren’t performing up to your expectation.

You might find out that a particular employee is investing more time on social media sites rather than working on the current project, and then you can take the right measure to bring the employee back on track.

Invest in Remote Communication Tools, and Teach Best Practices

You might be already using Google meetings, Zoom, and other similar tools for remote meetings and staying in touch with your remote development team These platforms are easy to use and suitable for quick meetings, but they will not act as a silver bullet for productive remote work.

In the first place, you need to build best practices for your team on the most precise programming methods in a fully remote working environment. For example, you can make it compulsory to work with regular discussion on Zoom as this will ensure that none of the members of the remote development team go for extra broadcast time.

Similarly, you can encourage the employees to learn the do not disturb feature for slack. This way, you will be using the same easy-to-use communication platform but more effectively.

Reduce Video Conferences and give them time to work

With remote development teams becoming a new normal for businesses, regular Zoom meetings have become a part of daily routine, but this shouldn’t make the employees feel groggy. They shouldn’t suffer from Zoom fatigue.

Being on Zoom meeting demands being continuously present in front of the camera as when you turn away, your team will notice this. So take a step towards restricting the number of Zoom meetings for employees who attend them daily.

Every remotely working development team is unique, and therefore, you need to take inspiration from the tips mentioned in this blog post and implement them in your style to get the best result. But if you are finding it difficult to choose an ideal offshore company, you don’t need to worry as Collar Search has got you covered.

Wrapping Up

We have been providing world-class offshore recruitment services for a long, and we have specialization in a long list of industries. So, the next time you face any difficulty in your organization because of the lack of proper skill and talent in the remote team, you can turn to Collar Search