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December 12,2018

If you think that talent acquisition is synonymous to recruitment, then allow us to burst your bubble by telling you some prominent difference between the two:

Talent acquisition is a continuous process whereas recruitment is a linear process. While recruitment is reactive in a sense that a position when vacated is filled, this is strategized for achieving short-term goals. Talent acquisition, on the other hand, is a long-term approach to building a talent pool, reinforcing relationships keeping in mind the future needs.

If a position just got vacant, the recruiter will be called to fill it immediately but when it is to hire for a job where you want the right candidate to stay for longer, have the expertise, talent acquisition is hands down your only solution.

Now that we have the distinction out of our way, let us focus more on the talent acquisition, about which we have discussed extensively in our many previous blogs. Time and again, we have addressed the plight of recruiters in finding the right candidate for the right position. You can read more about social recruiting strategy and recruitment marketing in our previous blogs.

To help you devise policies aligned with the contemporary technological advancement, we are going to list out some of the talent acquisition trends of 2018, so that you can attract quality talent without having to unnecessary invest too much capital and instead utilize it in achieving higher business goals:


Every industry is taking advantage of analytics and data and so is a talent acquisition. Specialized technology help in better data collection, analysis, and hiring. One such addition to the list is predictive talent analytics can help the talent acquisition team in structuring a set of characteristics displayed by the top performers and then look for those qualities in the prospective candidate. Predictive analysis can also help resolve one of the primary concern of every talent acquisition, i.e., ensuring diversity and inclusion in hiring.


Employee referral is and shall always be a pivotal tool for sourcing and hiring the candidates. Referral is one of the critical determinants of hiring reliable candidates. Automating the referral program by making use of applicant tracking software can help leverage candidates for filling the future position by tracking the employee’s social presence. It can also be used to keep an eye on and develop information statistics such as for how long did the former employee stay, which will help identify the problem and ultimately enhance the recruitment strategies.


An increasing number of talent acquisition departments are putting more efforts into enhancing their company’s online presence with effective marketing. Building an interactive and responsive online presence is necessary to ensure that your target pool of talent keeps you in their consideration. Contacting and replying to prospective candidates on online platform provides better engagement. Similarly, social media channels should be adequately utilized to reach out and hire the right candidates. You can read more about social recruiting strategies that can enhance your recruitment marketing in our previous blog.


With the changing organizational landscape, the criterion on which the employees are shortlisted is also evolving. Aside from their proficiency in the fields demanded technical skills, organizations are also keenly observing and judging the candidates on the grounds of their soft skill such as whether or not they have the team spirit, will they be a valuable asset to the team in the times of adversity, etc. One such soft skill that every talent acquisition team should closely gauge upon is whether the candidate goes out of their way in learning new tools and technology, from outside should the nature of the assigned task demands? Agility will be more contributory to the organization’s success over experience.


Application Tracking Software and HR tools have made it possible to create a pool of talent and reach out to them quickly as and when the need arises. This way passive candidates can be easily contacted without wasting any time, efforts and money. Automation tools combined with potent recruitment strategies can help make talent acquisition fast and significantly more efficient.

Staying abreast with the trends that are emerging and fading every year requires a professional’s keen eye, to identify it and strategize according to find the best fit for the company. Instead of burdening your in-house team and spending hefty bucks on framework policies that don’t assure postie result, we would suggest you outsource human resource from a credible RPO service company such as Collar Search.

Outsourcing these services not only save your time and money, significantly but with the professionals comes the knowledge and expertise to fast-track the process of finding the best candidate for the position by utilizing the latest and effective tools and technology. Preferring outsourcing over your in-house team gives you the advantage of being able to find candidates from a considerable;y larger pool of candidates. By outsourcing talent acquisition, you have the freedom to scale up and down as per your requirement, this then plays a pivotal role in efficient cost-saving.