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What Is It That A Diversity Officer Does In An Organization?

May 10,2021

Diversity and individualism are the two cultural elements that are necessary for every organization at every level. An employee must feel confident yet creative in sharing his ideologies, and the workplace should acknowledge it with stronger interest, that’s what makes an organization an ideal workplace- holding together a diverse workforce. To coordinate such tasks and align resources for cultural likeliness is a huge responsibility in big multinationals, which is why they hire a ‘Diversity Officer’.

The primary role of a diversity officer is to ensure that there prevails organizational culture, diversity among employees, and equity in opportunities. It is also called a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) management policy, that further deals with the fundamental concerns of discrimination, inequity in the workplace, and situations when favoritism is chosen instead of caliber. These are a few instances that are common to arise in most organizations and it is the sole responsibility of the diversity officer to respond and strategically address such concerns in an ethical manner.

Many organizations seek external recruitment assistance to appoint a Diversity Officer who brings quality to the workplace along with broader background comprehension and the right skills to drive culture through the workforce. In a situation where your business requires IT solutions with diverse chief officers for various heads and departments, IT RPO Services is the recommended way out. It is also suggested that every industry should account for chief diversity officers to represent a fair and equal array of opportunities in the workplace. One can observe diverse workgroups in a healthcare recruiting firm in India given that India is the land of diversity. A diverse workforce not only boosts your operational efficiency by coordinating departments but also enhances the customer relationship system with the help of culture-driven strategies.

Responsibilities Of A Diversity Officer

Taking into account employees with different cultural backgrounds and aligning them together for operations is likely to increase your business revenues. The following depicts the important responsibilities of a chief diversity officer and how they can use cultural diversity in favor of the company’s operational needs –

  • Strategic Diversity Planning – The first thing a diversity officer is required to do is to set objectives for a diversity plan and drive actions to organize and govern all departments with a social strategy. The plan sheds light on three important elements – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Diversity and culture has been there in every organization, but committing to its steady practice is what a diversity officer is required to do. By acknowledging creative ideas and encouraging every perspective of your employees, a diversity plan is devised.

  • Recruiting Talent – A diversity officer is also in charge of performing talent acquisition tasks to encourage a diverse workplace for all and increase cultural blend in the organization. In order to recruit talented yet diverse candidates, it is essential to eliminate biases during sourcing and screening steps to strengthen the organization’s diversity base. Re-wording the job advertisement, representing an immense culture-driven business community to prospective applicants and bringing in more referrals from the minority community are a few things that act as promoters of diversity and inclusion in an organization.

  • Develop A Culturally Competent Curriculum –Culturally competent curriculum is an essential segment that defines ways in which employees will deal with each other, despite coming from various regions or having different cultural backgrounds. To develop such a curriculum, a diversity officer must have adequate information and knowledge about various cultures, so that it can be structured in the company policies and standards governing the same.

  • Encourage Diversity Treatments – Even after having a diverse workforce, many companies cannot make it a major source of their operational efficiency, just because they are unable to devise the right ways to address it. It is imperative to create diversity-rich policies for your employees to feel connected. As a chief diversity officer, you can hold quarterly community meetings, address concerns of ill-treatment on the floor, reinforce diversity training to department heads and encourage them to diversely assemble their teams to promote culture.

  • Monitor Team Behavior Throughout the Organization – At last, track and evaluate the efficiency of each department and team in the organization in terms of cultural behavior and diversity acceptance. Being the diversity officer, you can reinforce grievance feedback systems so employees can escalate any sort of discrimination done to them and take required actions to address such concern.

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