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HR Outsourcing Services

If you are managing a company that has been successful in proving its credentials to its business counterparts, then you must know that maintaining human resource is more daunting a task than it actually sounds. Our HR outsourcing services includes comprehensive management services through

  • effective methods of recruiting and selection processes
  • policy development & management
  • classification and pay systems
  • employee training and development programs.

There are always numerous challenges that appear with the exponential growth your business strives to be. At Collar Search, we provide the HR outsourcing services for your business with quintessential administrative methods that ensures a smooth day-to-day progression of your company’s management.

From health care insurances to emolument packages, our Human Resource (HR) outsourcing services filters out the best possible outcomes for your company. With lower costs for all the administrative duties that exhausts your time and concentration, our HR recruiting service will maximize benefits to your employees.

Time and attendance, talent management, benefit administration are some key areas where Human Resource takes initiatives to create time for you to focus on more strategic tasks. By choosing us, you are providing your company entree to one of the best global technology platforms in the outsourcing industry.

Benefits That Emerges from HR Outsourcing Services (Collar Search)

Your company has a lot of expenses and there is no denying the fact that labor has been and still is one of the most expensive overheads your business thrives upon. Worker’s compensation fees, recruitment expenses, salaries and legal costs spring up along the way when you consider your business as a smooth-sailing one.

We at Collar Search specialized in HR outsourcing services, we bring an ample amount of employees together.

We enable small and mid-sized business the benefits which are conventionally experienced only in large companies. A large number of workers within a single unit  will enable you to reconstruct your maneuvers more efficiently with minimal expenses.

With the best Human Resource outsourcing, we will enable even a small business entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to offer their staff a vigorous and comprehensive assortment of employee benefits that are usually available only to larger corporations. From multiple health insurances to a proper retirement plan, the benefits which include are worth every penny.

Our Human Resource experts are experts in guiding and advising the development of an employees current position giving them a chance to excel.

Outsourcing Human Resource can offer your employees access to online payroll, vacations and anniversaries, these factors will ensure trust and confidence for their employers.

With our company based in India, we at Collar Search have been serving clients faithfully and in the moment of our association, we have been able to gain their trust and competency as we strives to give them a company that runs faster, grows faster and makes money faster. Our company is strategically situated in India which denotes a vast number of people experienced in the diverse fields of Human Resource (HR Outsourcing Services) equipped to handle all the necessities of organizational skills that your company desires.

HR Outsourcing FAQ

Q. What is HR Outsourcing?

Ans. It refers to a process wherein the activities of the human resource of an organization are outsourced so as to focus on the organization’s core competencies. The expert staff is capable of providing the right candidate for the job under the signed agreement.

Q. What HR Outsourcing Services do you offer?

Ans. Our HR outsourcing services cover all segments such as recruitment, Visa & Payroll, Time and attendance, talent management, benefit administration. All of them are minced as detailed division of support.

Q. Why should I outsource my HR functions to Collar Search?

Ans. Collar Search handles the burden of HR management so you can focus on growing your business. We provide comprehensive management services through – effective methods of recruiting and selection processes, policy development & management, classification and pay systems, and employee training and development programs.

Q. Why would I outsource rather than hiring someone internally?

Ans. This is a common question. HR Outsourcing facilitates Headcount Reduction and disarray issues, Reduce the cost and improve Production, Limited Visa Quota Issues, Prime Core business development, Outlined Talent Acquisition, authorized and Licensed to provide candidates in your workplace, and assured world-class, czar of standards.

Q. Is HR Outsourcing cheaper?

Ans. There are lots of variables that go into determining the cost. Every relationship with the client is unique, therefore the pricing schedule also differs based on your exact needs. We’ll walk you through our proposal, break down the costs and make sure it is within your budget.

Q. What types of services comes under HR Outsourcing?

Ans. Whether partially or completely outsourcing, the impeccable range of HR outsourcing services we specialize in, includes:

  • Background Screening
  • Payroll Services
  • Risk Management
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Employee Assistance/Counseling
  • Health Care Benefits
  • Retirement Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Drug Screening

Q. What are the procedures to adopt HR outsourcing service?

Ans. The process is very simple.

1) You can communicate your requirements to us.

2) Signing on the Written Agreement for the contract of staff.

Q. How do I choose the right HR outsourcing services for my business?

Ans. We, at Collar Search have relationships with the best and skilled candidates throughout the country. We specialize in matching companies with the right human resources solutions provider based on your industry, preferences, geographic location and more. Choosing the right HR outsourcing services is a big decision for your company, let us help you make the right decision the first time! Contact us today.

Q. How does HR outsourcing work?

Ans. When you outsource your Human Resource work, your employees get access to online payroll vacations, anniversaries, and so on. This, in turn, builds trust and confidence on the part of the employers. Our team of experts is well versed in guiding the employee’s to excel in their professional graph.