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Collar Search outsource recruitment company help in your company’s overall growth by hire right People for the right profile and save your valuable time.

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What is the most important thing to remember when hiring new employees? Besides qualifications, you want your employees to understand the company’s morals, ideals, mission, and vision. Who’s to say you can’t hire such employees by yourself? But could you afford to spend your valuable time going through the hiring process when instead you could choose to pay it on your productivity?

That’s where Collar Search can prove to be the saving grace for your organization as your outsource recruitment company!

How Can Collar Search Help in Your Company’s Overall Growth?

Hire Right People For The Right Profile

We don’t believe in makeshift hiring. We hire candidates we deem best suited to excel in a particular profile at your organization.

Save Your Valuable Time

The biggest inconvenience about hiring staff for yourself is that you’ll never know how long it will take to find the right candidate. Until then, you will not only lose your precious time. But also, you would have to settle with a less qualified candidate just because you cannot afford to keep an important designation vacant.

Scaling Employees According to Company Growth

When you choose Collar Search, we will be there for you for a long time. We don’t consider our job over by filling out all the vacant positions in your company. But our real work starts with your company’s growth. We will continue to monitor your company’s growth scaling, and then we will give necessary recommendations for new designations that can help improve your business growth rate.

Provide an End-To-End Hiring Process & Management

Choose Collar Search, and you will never have to worry about your HR process and recruitment process outsourcing again. From quickly hiring skilled candidates to tracking their performance, Collar Search will handle all your HR-related operations from hiring to retiring.

Big or Small, We Provide Equally-valuable Service to Every Kind of Organization.

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  • What is meant by recruitment outsourcing?

    Recruitment outsourcing is a process where a company outsources the responsibility of handling the hiring process of employees to a third-party service provider. It is done to save valuable time and money for a company and to improve productivity.

  • Should recruitment be outsourced?

    If you want to save time on hiring multiple vacancies, you should consider choosing an outsource recruitment company. An RPO company will provide you with a quick hiring process and save your valuable time and cost for advertising vacancies.

  • How does the outsourcing recruitment process work?

    At Collar Search, we will start by understanding a company’s hiring needs and what kind of candidates, according to experience & training value, they would prefer. We then use our wide range of technical databases to shortlist the right quality candidates that are best suited for company needs.

  • What is the difference between RPO and Staffing?

    The major difference between an RPO & Staffing firm is that staffing usually involves working for multiple clients and filling numerous positions at once. In contrast, an RPO firm only works for one organization at a time to fill out its vacancies, and they handle the complete HR-related operations of that company.

  • Is hiring an outsource recruitment company a costly decision?

    It proves to be cost-effective if you work with the best one. In addition, you will save your company’s time & resources.

  • What is end-to-end recruitment?

    End-to-end recruitment is a process where one organization, mainly an RPO company, handles all the recruitment operations from shortlisting, planning, interviewing, sourcing, hiring, performance-tracking analysis, and management of a company.

  • What does an RPO cost?

    The price model of an RPO company mostly works on a Cost-Per-Hire method where they will charge around 10-20% of a candidate’s salary.