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Struggling to hire talent in today's landscape?

We will partner with you to curate an impeccable strategy utilizing proven hiring processes. The strategy also includes addressing today’s top talent needs and your changing business goals.

Don't have a professional in-house recruiting team?

Collar Search’s end-to-end RPO service can serve as your business’s outsourced talent acquisition partner. Our dedicated team will work for you and help you in workforce planning, sourcing, and screening candidates to choose the best one. Our advanced recruiting model will give your business access to proven processes, experienced recruiters, and cutting-edge hiring technologies – without a high price tag.

Does your in-house recruiting team lack the necessary capacity?

Collar Search will work as extra support for your business and provide your internal team with additional recruitment capacity. This will help you when hiring volume spikes and give you more control of costs. With us, you’ll get access to advance hiring tools and technology that allow you to hire the best in record time. We use the blend of technology and human touch to create a better experience for you.

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Industries We Serve

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Finance & FinTech
Why Us?

Our clients rate us as the best professional RPO firm. We partner with businesses to make the recruiting process easy and scalable. We offer tailored recruiting solutions based on your requirements to ensure workforce agility. You can hire dedicated, mixed, full-time, part-time, and ad-hoc employee (s) with us. We utilize a technology-enable approach for seamless, consistent processes and experiences so you can find the right match for your business.

  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Best-in-breed hiring technology
  • Global reach
  • Deploy a high volume of requirements
  • Seamless compliance
  • High-speed hiring 
  • Customized and tailored team size
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • A pool of rich talent
  • The centralized recruitment process for better efficiency 
  • Measure and refine your hiring strategies
  • 250+ Happy Global Clients
  • 10,000+ Connections with Global Skill
  • 2,50,000+ Projects Delivered

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Frequently Asked Questions

RPO or recruiting process outsourcing acts as a helping hand for a business to find and hire potential job candidates. This helps companies, especially small and mid-sized, hire suitable employees. 

RPO costs vary from company to company and the services they are offering. Usually, RPO companies ask for 10% of the selected employee’s compensation. For instance, if the selected employee has annual compensation of Rs. 1,20,000, then the RPO service is entitled to receive 10% of it, which means Rs. 12,000.

Many consider RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) a form of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) where a business transfers all its recruitment processes to a third party.

On the one hand, RPO is responsible for managing clients’ recruitment cycles, from attracting to recruiting and retaining employees, in a seamless manner. On the other hand, staffing agencies operate on a reactive recruitment model – which means they work on a requisition-to-requisition basis.

The best professional RPO firm has great expertise in solving numerous challenges and working with various companies. They help businesses to hire suitable candidates and show you the ROI of your investment.