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5 Steps to Make Effective Job Requisition

July 24,2017

What is the most important step in recruiting next great employee? Undoubtedly, it’s job requisition. This is one of the way to get potential candidates quickly. Let’s get started!

What is Job Requisition?

A Job Requisition is a formal request to fill an open vacancy at a company. This includes job title, date, department and job description. Usually manager fills out the requisition to get it approved by HR or upper management. After that, it reaches to recruiter to start the search.

Difference Between a Job Description, Job Requisition and Job Ad

There has been a lot of confusion about the distinction among job requisitions, job ads and job description. Many people use all the three terms interchangeably.

The Job Description is description of role, qualifications and responsibilities associated with the job.

A job ad works like real advertisement. It treats job seekers like customers, which is to get them excited about working for that job profile to fill the job vacancy.

Job Requisition Approval Process

The biggest responsibility of person approving the requisition is to check the following:

  • Is the job filling cost higher than not filling the job?

  • He has to check the requirements, duties and pay level for that particular position

  • If the job description requires substantial changes then another round of approval is required.

Hiring manager receives confirmation on final requisition, information about the job advertised, which includes the job search websites and social media recruiting strategies.

The below discussed steps will help in writing job requisition that filled the positions:

Comprehensive Research

You should conduct a comprehensive research on how it will affect the company, mainly in terms of product, revenue, morale and service quality.

Get a Stakeholder

Interact with stakeholders from other departments and get them board with the position. Your case becomes strong when you have got head of departments supporting for a role.

Focus On Outcomes

Sketch an estimate of what a candidate in this position will accomplish. Set a clear goal, let’s say 120 days to make it easy for the person who is approving the requisition. This will give a clear picture of what the company is getting and how to evaluate the job seekers.

Once done with this task, you can have a look at the employee onboarding checklist.

Once you are done with the requisition, it time to get ready for recruiting. Many companies opt for staffing companies guidance to get the great talent.