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Discussing the scope of healthcare recruitment outsourcing services

October 01,2020

The Healthcare industry is one of those few industries where there is no room for error and the same applies to the healthcare recruitment process. Working with the best clinical and non-clinical professionals is the only way to stay relevant in the industry. But with frequent healthcare reforms, decreasing budget, and worker shortage, finding the right candidate is always a challenging task for most of the healthcare facilities. This is where outsourcing the recruitment process to RPO service providers seems like an ideal approach.

Recruitment process outsourcing is a particular form of business process outsourcing in which either a particular part of the recruitment process or the whole recruitment process is outsourced to a third-party expert. The main motive of RPO companies is to provide talent acquisition solutions to their customers (in this case, healthcare firms). Partnering with a company that offers world-class healthcare recruitment outsourcing services will give a competitive edge through cutting edge talent acquisition strategy.

Understanding how RPO works for the healthcare industry

If a healthcare organization is looking for smooth success in the industry then it will have to adapt its talent acquisition strategy according to the tight job market. Understanding the value of winning better clients, more efficiently and quickly is what an ideal healthcare firm will do. Since an RPO service provider acts as an agile recruiting solution, they can easily deliver on all the above-mentioned promises.

Just like all other industries, the healthcare industry is also facing fierce competition for top talents and since this competition exists for both clinical and non-clinical job roles, an RPO can use its expertise and technology in order to make healthcare firms step up to the plate and find the cream of the crops.

Addressing the healthcare labor shortage

There are currently around 59 million people working in the healthcare sector all around the world and this might give you the impression that the talent pool in the healthcare industry is flourishing. However, you should know that in just a couple of years, the healthcare industry will go through a vast phase of development because of technological advancement, growing needs of health services, and increasing levels of non-communicable diseases.

Because of these changes, the healthcare industry will need more people to fulfill the growing needs and according to the World Health Organization, another 18 million people will be needed to fulfill the growing demand for healthcare services.

Another report published by WHO shows that the current healthcare industry is falling short of 7 million employees and this number can go all the way up to 13 million by the end of 2035.

The requirement of specialized talent

The people whom you will hire in your healthcare organization will have other people’s lives in their hands and this is why the benchmark in the hiring process is leveled up when it comes to the healthcare sector. This is one of the main reasons why 80% of the employers in the healthcare industry require at least 2–5 years of experience for a particular job role.

Because of the requirement of specialized talent, concepts like mass recruitment or hiring candidates in a hurry is something that you can never use. Most of the healthcare jobs require extensive training and education and with time, these requirements seem to be getting tougher. So even when you are able to find a qualified candidate, he or she must possess at least 2–3 years of experience because healthcare service is not only about books and degrees.

How can RPOs help?

With so many challenges for recruiters in the healthcare industry, opting for healthcare recruitment outsourcing services seems to be an ideal option. Following are a couple of ways an RPO service provider can help a healthcare organization with its recruitment approach:-

  • Reduce the agency cost for hiring the right talent through tried and tested recruitment processes that are most economical.

  • Fulfill the changing needs of healthcare organizations in terms of recruitment through flexible RPO services. These services can be easily scaled up or scaled-down.

  • Deal with the shortage of healthcare experts by using the right methodology to find the right people in the right place.

  • Reducing the overall time of recruitment because of long years of experience and thus allowing the healthcare organization to focus on core competency through healthcare recruitment outsourcing services.

Need for RPOs specializing in the Healthcare industry

If you are looking forward to streamlining the recruitment process without burning a hole in your pocket then partnering with an RPO agency that specializes in healthcare RPO services will be the best option. If you will be able to choose the right RPO provider then they will use their expertise and technical resources for driving across both the segments of the business and this will raise the bar in talent acquisition.

Why choose Collar Search?

Collar Search has one of the most extensive networks of talents from all across the globe that will help you in dealing with all the healthcare recruitment challenges in a budget-friendly manner. Our value-based recruitment process has helped a long list of healthcare organizations to find both clinical and non-clinical job roles filled without going through any hassle.