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A comprehensive guide to understanding RPO services

August 10,2016

For the growth of your company and maintaining an edge in the market economy, you need to hire the best talent. The best talent recruitment is not possible without innovative strategies and without pivoting in the competitive market of talent. You need to have the right recruitment solution or else the recruitment process becomes inefficient and costly. A contingency isn’t enough, you need an RPO service who can help you in transforming the recruitment process into a successful strategy. We have compiled a comprehensive guide to make you understand RPO services in a better way.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service?

RPO services is a business process where an employer hires an external provider for taking care of all or some part of the recruitment process. RPO can either manage the entire recruiting process or any one or two aspects essentially human resource department.

The human resource department is one of the major strategic consideration for every company. A quality workforce assures you steady growth in the business and so requires time and financial resources. RPO services help you in getting the right talent at a low cost and in a short span of time.

Services RPO providers entail

RPO providers offer innovative ways or specific services which will help the client in improving the recruitment process or improving in it. Here is a list of services that RPO providers might offer their client:

  • An analysis of the vacant position/positions

  • Research for candidates

  • Screening of shortlisted candidates through various techniques (HRMS technology)

  • Arranging the interview of the potential candidates

  • Checking all the details and references

  • All the formalities of the new recruit

  • Technology consultant

RPO helps you with quick scalability and flexibility which relieve all the concerns over personnel. This further allows you to concentrate on the core competency as the talent which you require will be provided to you through the RPO service providers.

Benefits :

Forming a partnership with RPO providers can bring you multiple benefits. They can offer you solutions that can save your money, time, effort and also provides you with an added advantage to the employment brand.

Managing Your Business demand

Growth of a company is the main goal of all enterprises. This requires talent acquisition which your HR department is not able to maintain. RPO outsourcing is a scalable solution to match up with your requirements with more efficiency. These services are designed around your requirement of sourcing and recruitment solutions

Global Outreach

There is fierce competition in the market for acquiring the best talent as talented candidates are at a premium. RPO will help you to set apart from the crowd by making the whole process of recruitment effective as you will get an opportunity to choose talent from a global level.

  • Most talented experts will work for your company

  • You get to select from a wider pool of talent.

  • Seasonal employment requirements can be quickly met.

  • Your brand is at the upfront

In the recruitment process, you want to make sure that your employment brand is clear to all the job seekers applying for the vacancy. The best RPO providers will always invest time for understanding the culture and values of the company. This way they can further present an accurate, unified and clear picture of the value proposition to the candidate while recruiting.

The requirement of RPO service

Does your company require RPO service providers? Is it the best solutions to your recruitment issues? This depends upon the issues your company is facing. Find out through these points the right time to go for RPO service:

The HR department doesn’t have the time for Recruitment

The HR department of your company is not the same as the recruitment department. There is a vast stretch of services which are included under the HR department. On the contrary, RPO service is about the recruitment process.

You are planning an Internal Recruiting Group

Through Internal Recruiting Group you are not only straining your HR department but also have to invest in technology, additional employee benefits and office space etc.

Need changes in the infrastructure

Some signs that indicate that you need a change in your infrastructure are up-gradation of technology, lack of metrics to measure your success or dissatisfaction among the hiring managers in planning. With RPO service provider you can make these changes easily.

You had an overview of all the services of RPO service providers. You can easily deduce from the above discuss points that RPO services focus towards improving your recruitment process. RPO services will provide you with scalability, innovative technology and saving the time required for filling a vacant place.