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July 09,2018

In the competitive market, the way you are looking for a candidate, some candidates are on a lookout for the right employer. Candidates are looking for the appropriate company, and the right fit goes beyond the salary and the profile.

You might be wondering, how does it affect you? Well, whenever there is a good candidate who is not looking for a job actively, you can grab his/her attention by being an employer that the person wants. There might be times (especially in senior employment) that you will get hold of the candidate more because of what you give them as an employer rather than just the profile or the salary. With experience candidates become very selective with what do they want to deal with on a day to day basis.

Cultural Fit

The salary and other benefits are decisive factors for taking up any job. But are these the only factors that affect a candidate’s decision? No. Just the way a profile and location is essential to a candidate, similarly a company plays a vital role for the candidate.

It means that if they do not see themselves to fit in your work environment, then they might even choose to back out. That is why it is crucial to promote a universal friendly work environment in your company. It will benefit you in many ways.

Presence on Social Media

It doesn’t apply to you if you are working for the Ministry of Defence; otherwise, it is pivotal for your company to lay out all the important details on the internet and social media platforms.

Every industry works differently, and not everybody can afford a quirky social media update. But to keep up with the market and technological need, you must maintain your social media. The engagement on the social media tells the prospective employee about your company and work. If you are not on social media, then you spell outdated for the candidate.

Technology and Data

The data plays an integral part in any company. You must employ technology to handle your data. Candidates are looking for a company that knows about the updated technology and its effect on the market.

If your company is still not up-to0-data with the data, then you are way behind the market requirements, and nobody would like to be a part of such a company.

Growth and Development

An ambitious candidate is no longer interested in just what you are offering through salary and benefits. They will also look at the brand, your market presence and what are the prospects of their growth. They will look at the company hierarchy and might even question the leadership.

If you want to get a good candidate, you must tell them about their growth opportunities. How the job in your company would escalate their career growth.

A good candidate will look at a lot of factors related to the company and the job. The reputation of the company and the brand would be a decisive factor for a lot of prospective employees. So work on your company and its branding so that employees seek your company and not vice-versa.