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Why Use Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services (RPO) During Times of Disruption?

August 22,2022

Many firms are experiencing major disruptions due to the current economic climate. While some businesses have been forced to make the painful choice of laying off staff or giving them unpaid leave, others are finding themselves in the position of having the reverse problem. Healthcare, biotech, call centers, and engineering firms are all experiencing significant increases in the number of employees they need to hire. Because these businesses provide individuals with essential services and information to maintain their physical and financial well-being, it’s understandable that they’d require highly skilled employees as quickly as possible.

A cost-effective and quick way to increase a company’s staff is through recruitment process outsourcing services In this post, we will examine four reasons why RPO can be beneficial to companies amid times of disruption.

What Is Business Disruption?

Disruption is a term we’re all familiar with. New entrants into the market that address the customer wants by introducing innovative products or business models have been the primary source of disruption until recently, requiring established industry players to adapt quickly in order to keep up with the new competition.

However, the degree of disruption that we are witnessing as a result of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is unparalleled in the modern age, and it will likely cause the definition of the term to be rethought. A drop in consumer spending is being blamed for governments implementing lockdown measures to stop the spread of the disease, while entire industries are dealing with the consequences of having to stop operations temporarily.

How Does Disruption Impact Industries?

While Covid-19 has negatively influenced all businesses, some companies and areas have been more affected than others. To name just a few: a company’s ability to work remotely and how rules have affected current operations and aspirations for the future have all played a role in this trend. Since the emergence of Covid-19, virtually every type of business has suffered significant losses. Sales, investment, and employment have all dropped precipitously, and we’re on the verge of the deepest downturn in decades.

It has been particularly badly struck those industries that rely on face-to-face interactions or travel. Dining and lodging services, as well as air travel and non-food retail, are included in this category. There has been a decline in the usual level of sales in the hospitality, food service, entertainment, arts, and recreation services industries. The food and medical product manufacturers and sellers, as well as those involved in various healthcare-related services and research, as well as utility companies, have not been affected to the same degree as others.

How Can the Recruitment Process Help You Combat Business Disruption?

  • Shorten time-to-hire

    As previously stated, a large number of businesses are desperately in need of new staff. There is good news: an RPO provider can significantly cut the time it takes to hire new employees. The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies Association estimates that highly trained RPO service providers can reduce the time required to hire a new employee by as much as 55%. RPO providers have speedy sourcing, hiring, and onboarding capabilities since they have access to cutting-edge technology as well as full teams of recruitment specialists.

  • Decrease Cost-to-hire

When a position is not filled on time, the company cannot meet its commitments, resulting in lower production and revenue. Additionally, the time and money needed to discover and replace terrible hiring are wasted if the company makes the wrong hire.

A recruitment process outsourcing company can reduce the time it takes businesses to fill positions with qualified candidates by streamlining and optimizing the recruiting process. When dealing with RPO providers, flexibility is another advantageous benefit; you can adjust the number of tasks you would like them to handle based on your budget and the requirements of your hiring process.

  • Access to Advanced Recruiting Technology

RPOs typically have access to cutting-edge recruiting technology, such as virtual interviewing and onboarding, which are both crucial at this time. At Collar Search, we offer this type of technology and advise best practices on using virtual recruitment tools to their fullest potential. For example, we may suggest to our clients the creation of digital guides or films for the training of new employees on the virtual onboarding process to guarantee that the hiring process works smoothly. When necessary, we even assist our clients in the creation of such materials.

  • Scale-up with Your Needs

An RPO solution’s ability to scale up or down in response to fluctuations in hiring requirements is one of the most important value features offered by this type of service. An RPO provider can manage full-scale, enterprise-wide hiring operations if you need to quickly add a large number of individuals to your staff. Using our vast database of more than 5.2 million job seekers, Collar Search’s experienced recruiters in India can find qualified candidates for even the most demanding employers. In order to meet the requirements of our workforce, we utilize a number of alternative talent sources, such as freelancers and alumni employees. An RPO provider can move to handle only a portion of the recruiting process when the requirement for new employees decreases.

How Can the Recruitment Process Help You Combat Business Disruption?

At this point, the job market appears to be lacking in activity. Because of the slow economy, many organizations have had to downsize the size of their talent acquisition and human resources (HR) departments in order to find qualified candidates. When businesses begin to ramp up operations again after the economy improves, this shortage of recruiting personnel will cause several issues in hiring and human resource management.

However, the industry is confronted with significant issues unrelated to the current state of the economy or the level of unemployment.

1. With their limited staff, how can your human resources and talent acquisition departments become proactive in handling the variable recruitment expenses and demands?

2. What can you do to streamline your hiring process while still improving the prospect experience?

If you’re still perplexed by the significance of RPO, consider the following. Recruitment process outsourcing services may fill in the gaps and provide real value and experience to your recruitment efforts in these challenging situations. Long-term strategic partnerships are the goal of RPO providers, not just sourcing and recruitment.

This indicates that the RPO is focused on being your strategic recruiting partner, a partner who will invest in knowing the culture and values of your organization and will give you improved recruitment results, the repercussions of which will be far-reaching.


Business activities may be facing disruption. But this doesn’t have to be the case with your employment procedure. I hope you found some useful information that you can use to manage your workers and move your company ahead.

In order to find out more about Collar Search’s RPO offerings, please contact our experts; More information about our products and services can be found on our website. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about how recruitment process outsourcing services can benefit your company.