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While employees make an organization, the value of every employee’s contribution is more evident in a small business where each employee puts on different hats and hustles between meeting the deadline and ensuring productivity, simultaneously maintaining the ratio of cost and internal resources investment. Employees play a pivotal role in…

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5 Steps to Make Effective Job Requisition

What is the most important step in recruiting next great employee? Undoubtedly, it’s job requisition. This is one of the way to get potential candidates quickly. Let’s get started! What is Job Requisition? A Job Requisition is a formal request to fill an open vacancy at a company. This includes job…

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Tech Adoption For Focused HR Outsourcing Processes

 Image Source: Economic Times Leading companies are continuously on the lookout for like minded persons who can always stand with them because of their skills and long-lasting competitive differentiation. For any company, their employees are their main resource. They need to sustain and manage them efficaciously in order to achieve…

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